Thank you for your interest in VERSO International School. Applications are welcome and are considered throughout the course of the full calendar year. 

All Applications are now welcome. VERSO is now accepting applications for 2022-23.


Admissions Process

We are excited to welcome your child to VERSO. Before starting your application, please view our Document Checklist to ensure you have all documents required to complete your application.

Step 1: Online Application Form

Create a new online application or sign in to access your open application form on Open Apply 

Step 2: Preparation of Documents

Please prepare the following documents as you will have to upload them to the online application form.

  1. Photocopy of child’s passport and non-immigrant visa OR Thai national ID card
  2. Photocopy of parent(s)’ passports and non-immigrant visa OR Thai national ID card
  3. Photocopy of the TM30 slip (Expatriates only)
  4. Photocopy of child’s birth certificate
  5. Child’s medical form / Immunizations record
  6. Photocopy of most recent school reports (officially translated to English, if available)
  7. 1 x photograph of child
  8. 1 x photograph of parent(s) 
  9. THB 6,000 application fee payment slip

Additional Documents for Thai Nationals

  1. Photocopy of household registration
  2. Photocopy of Thai national ID card
Step 3: Submissions
Video Submissions

Grades 1 - 8

Students are requested to submit a 2-minute video to introduce themselves and share their hobbies, interests and passions. 

Grades 9 - 11

In 2 minutes or less, students must describe or perform: 

  • Who they are and what makes them awesome; and,
  • Pitch one idea they may have for their Personal Design Challenge Project in Year 1 at VERSO.
  • Students should think about:
    • What really interests them and WHY?
    • What have they not done before
    • The big thesis or driving question for this project - what are you trying to discover?
    • How the start-middle-end of the project could look like
    • What resources or people they may require
    • What final product or solution they are trying to create
Written Submissions

Grades 9 - 11

Two written submissions are required for applicants: 

  1. Personal Identity Statement
    • In 500 words or less, applicants should introduce themselves and share how they would like to see the school of their dreams designed.

  2. Personal Challenge 
    • In 500 words or less, applicants should describe a time in their life when they faced a significant challenge, how they responded, and what they learned about themselves.
Step 4: Assessment and Interview
Early Years (EY 2EY 5)

Early Years 2 - 5 applicants will need to complete a 30- minute observation with the Early Years Cohort Leader. 

Lower Loop - Upper Loop (Grade 111)

All applicants must complete the English ability test. This will assess all four domains of literacy: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

All applicants are booked to have a 30-minute ‘conVERSO’ with either the Cohort Leader or the Loop Leader. 

  • For Grades 1-8, the Learning Designer has a matrix of 20 questions to go through with the applicant. Not all of the questions need to be answered. 
  • Grade 9-11 applicants will be interviewed by the UL team for 30-60 mins.

If, at any time during the application or assessment process the applicant requires additional learning support, the Student Success Team will be notified and further interviews with the applicant and the family may be required. VERSO is open to accepting students with varying degrees of educational support, depending on the resources available. In certain circumstances, VERSO will decline the application if the team believes the resources available are inadequate to support the needs of the student. 

Hopes and Dreams:

All parents are requested to complete the ‘Hopes and Dreams’ survey before meeting with the Learning Design Team. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that the family shares the same educational philosophy as the school and that VERSO has a firm understanding of the family’s expectations. 

Step 5: Confirmation of Offer

Factors that affect admissions include, but are not limited to: 

  • Academic ability, as demonstrated through school reports, standardized test scores, interviews, recommendations, and VERSO’s admissions screening process
  • Behavioral characteristics, as demonstrated by school reports, interviews, recommendations, and VERSO’s admissions screening process
  • Diversity, including the “balance” or “mix” of students in a particular grade level or division
  • Space available in the cohort and considerations of additional support requirements
  • Language ability is developmentally appropriate for the age level of the student

When space is limited, VERSO may give additional consideration to applicants who are children of alumni, have siblings enrolled, are concurrently applying to VERSO, or have English skills at the level of native speakers.

VERSO will provide confirmation of the admissions decision within 4 weeks of the application being completed. VERSO will inform the family of the following decisions: 


Applicants that have successfully passed all of the screening requirements will be accepted with no conditions. Families will advance to the next stage of the process. 

Conditional Admission

In some cases, students may be offered conditional admission. These conditions will be stated in the offer of admission letter. Acceptance of these conditions and participation in any required programs will be a condition of enrollment at VERSO. This may include additional Language Acquisition Programs or recommendations determined through a Psych-Ed Evaluation.

Probationary Admission

In some cases, a student may be admitted on a probationary acceptance.  A probationary acceptance indicates a clear concern for the student being able to be successful within our program.  The student on such an admittance will be reviewed at the end of the first semester or after 3 months of immersion in the VERSO education program.  If it is recommended that they remain on probation due to achievement or behavior, another review will be completed to determine if this student can continue for the following school year.  No student may remain on probation for more than one year.  In most cases, probationary acceptances are determined by the Head of School, the Loop Leader and the Student Success Team. 

Waiting Pool

Every effort is made to accept students to VERSO. Waiting pools will be established only if all spaces in the respective grade level have been allocated. When a student is placed into the waiting pool, the family will be advised as to the possibility of a place becoming available or if an additional class has been formed. 


In extreme cases, VERSO will not accept a student’s application. This will only occur if the student does not pass the screening requirements, or if VERSO cannot fully support the learning support requirements. 

Step 6: School Fees Payment and Enrollment

Upon acceptance, VERSO will issue the school fee invoice (inclusive of any approved schemes) for payment. Please meet the payment deadline payment date detailed on the invoice. 

Upon receipt of payment, the forms below will be sent and must be completed before the first day of school: 

  • ID Card for student, parents/guardians, authorized caretakers (nannies or drivers)
  • Car Parking Label
  • Photo and videoConsent Form
  • Family Travel History Form 
2022/23 Academic Year Age Cut-Off

The general birthday cut-off date for admission is 30 September.


Class Placement

Birth Date Range





Early Years 2

Born on or before 30 September 2020





Early Years 3

Born on or before 30 September 2019

Kindergarten 1




Early Years 4

Born on or before 30 September 2018

Kindergarten 2




Early Years 5

Born on or before 30 September  2017

Kindergarten 3


Year 1


Grade 1

Born on or before 30 September 2016

Prathom 1

Grade 1

Year 2


Grade 2

Born on or before 30 September 2015

Prathom 2

Grade 2

Year 3


Grade 3

Born on or before 30 September 2014

Prathom 3

Grade 3

Year 4


Grade 4

Born on or before 30 September 2013

Prathom 4

Grade 4

Year 5


Grade 5

Born on or before 30 September 2012

Prathom 5

Grade 5

Year 6


Grade 6

Born on or before 30 September 2011

Prathom 6

Grade 6

Year 7


Grade 7

Born on or before 30 September 2010

Matthayom 1

Grade 7

Year 8


Grade 8

Born on or before 30 September 2009

Matthayom 2

Grade 8

Year 9


Grade 9

Born on or before 30 September 2008

Matthayom 3

Grade 9

Year 10


Grade 10

Born on or before 30 September 2007

Matthayom 4

Grade 10

Year 11


Grade 11

Born on or before 30 September 2006

Matthayom 5

Grade 11

Year 12