Upper Loop Learners studying our senior high school curriculum in Bangkok are future-ready to take on the new careers of tomorrow with high-impact Process Portfolios that showcase their skills, strengths, and experiences.

In our Upper Loop (Grade 9 - Grade 12), we help students fuel their creativity to engage and build the inner confidence to become self-directed learners.


Inspired by Stanford d.school, the foundation of learning in the Upper Loop is built upon the following:

Connected Collaboration

Learners work with a cohort of peers, Learning Designers, staff, and community mentors as part of our senior high school curriculum, to challenge their ideas and push their design practice outside of their comfort zone. We seek to connect people of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives in order to provide a holistic driver to our design process.

Real-Life Issues

The projects in our senior high school curriculum in Bangkok are centered around real-life issues, challenges, and opportunities, and we continuously build a network of partners and experts to bring these projects to life. Learners graduate with a realistic vision of the contemporary world around them and the complexities involved in tackling interdisciplinary challenges.

Unbounded Challenges

Our learners are encouraged to take creative risks in their projects and learn how to learn from setbacks.  In the contemporary world, problems have multiple solutions depending on the chosen priorities and perspective. Learners need to develop the skill set to design and evaluate the most balanced and viable solution for complex and ambiguous problems that involve multiple stakeholders and perspectives. 

Opt-in School Culture

A design school is messy, iterative, challenging, and transformative, which is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that is OK. The staff and learners who join the VERSO senior high school program need to be eager to explore and possess a positive solution-seeking mindset in order to be happy and successful within our program.

The Dual Transcript

VERSO has built a curriculum bridge that connects the current world of university entrance requirements with the future world of the evolving global economy.   We recognize that currently universities are in transition from assessing applicants solely based on GPA and external standardized test scores like SAT and ACT, to a more holistic assessment based upon a portfolio of work and looking at applicants’ “unique strengths, abilities, interests, and histories fostered, understood, and celebrated.”

The continuing evolution of the university admissions process has led us to develop our iteration of a dual transcript for our high school students. We offer a Future- Ready Transcript that showcases the key competencies and the corresponding key evidence that each student has developed, and perhaps even mastered, during their senior high school courses at VERSO International School in Bangkok.

VERSO is the first international school in Thailand to join the Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC), a growing network of schools in the US and internationally that are introducing a digital high school transcript which will reflect the unique skills, strengths and interests of each learner rather than traditional grades and scores.


Together with other highly progressive schools around the world, VERSO is playing an active role with the MTC in redesigning how learners prepare for college, career, and life. 

The MTC is gaining traction with universities, especially in North America, where over 170 colleges have reviewed and accepted applicants who applied with a Mastery Transcript in the past two years.  MTC currently has over 400 member schools and university acceptance of the Mastery Transcript continues to grow among colleges and universities.

To find out more, please visit https://mastery.org/

VERSO understands that some of our students will continue on to post-secondary studies in other parts of the world, and may need a graduation transcript that looks more traditional.  We have designed our curriculum to satisfy the requirements of a typical American high school transcript and will provide one upon graduation or for any student that needs to transfer schools because of family relocation or necessity.

Graduation Achievements

The senior high school graduation requirements for the Upper Loop at VERSO International School in Bangkok are as follows:
Attainment of
Apprentice Level

Attainment of Apprentice level competency [or beyond] for 80% of Future-Ready Skills, prorated for students that transfer into Upper Loop after Grade 9.

Fulfillment of the
New York State Credit Transcript

Fulfillment of the minimum requirements of the Traditional Credit Transcript.

Fulfillment of Research program

Successful fulfillment of the Upper Loop Research program, which focuses on fostering and developing skills involved with performing high-quality academic research. Students will learn how to collect primary and secondary data, evaluate sources, make citations, select appropriate methodologies, process and present data, make conclusions, and evaluate methods and sources of error.

Completion of the UniVERSOlly Well program

Successful completion of the UniVERSOlly Well program, a combination of positive psychology workshops and university preparation. This on-going program aims to help learners develop a deeper understanding of self and one’s potential college and career options through exploration of well-being strategies, personal strengths, and passions.

Building A Personal Brand

Development of a Personal Brand to showcase a professional and personal identity.

Layer 10

Bridging History and Science

By Cohort 9-10 Learners

Bridging Confinement

Virtual exhibition


(Early Years 2 — Grade 4)



(Grade 5 — Grade 8)



(Grade 9 - Grade 12)