VERSO is a new international school with a compelling vision for the future. It is a place of wonder, evolution, and growth. It’s a school where aspirations and inspirations blend. A place where hearts and minds are shaped and children begin to understand who they are, and what the world around them means.

Human-centered in its design, VERSO has a special energy. It is an optimistic and positive place where students and teachers share a sense of pride in who they are, and what they mean to each other. It is a place where the habits of kindness, care, and understanding are nurtured. Innovative space design and our looped buildings offer students a stimulating learning environment.

VERSO is designed to be porous: a community where ideas and actions flow. Like the world around it, VERSO is part of a complex ecosystem. At all times we are connected, interconnected and interdependent. Learning transcends the traditional classroom. It has moved beyond the school walls, and as international educators, we have a duty to help students develop the skills needed to actively engage with this world.

Great schools are healthy and happy places. At VERSO we provide a highly supportive learning environment where teams of passionate educators work closely with students. We cherish and celebrate our human curiosity, we value inquiry, and we inspire students to look at the world from different perspectives. Most importantly at VERSO, we help students make good decisions and wise choices. Developing that confidence to know where you want to go and what you want to do takes time, but in the end, that is the hallmark of a VERSO education.

VERSO is built on three simple beliefs: We know there is a demand for an international education in Bangkok rooted in a strong sense of personal and cultural identity. We know that true global citizenship means having the passion and ability to actively engage and contribute, both at a local and global level. And we know that tomorrow’s world demands our students to have the confidence and skills needed to lead their own journey. Based on these beliefs and inspired by the future, we offer a unique and innovative educational experience for every student.

In August 2020, our journey into the future begins.

If you would like to find out more please contact our admissions office.

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Cameron Fox
Head of School