VERSO Announces Tuition Fee Waiver

Don’t let anything stop your child’s education.

COVID-19 has brought significant disruption to Thailand. We recognize the difficulties that families are experiencing. We understand that parents are facing a lot of uncertainties and are worried about their child’s education. Given the current circumstances, we feel compelled to support our community.

VERSO’s Tuition Fee Waiver program is our response to the current crisis. We want to support and help families through this difficult time and are pleased to announce that we will waive tuition fees for the upcoming academic year (2020/21) for all eligible students*. In addition, there will be a 50% reduction in tuition fees for the 2021/22 academic year.

*Terms and Conditions Apply. This is a limited offer.

To apply, click here.

*Terms and Conditions:
VERSO International School (“The School”) reserves the right to interpret and amend the regulations, conditions, and details of the Tuition Fee Waiver Program (“The Program”) without advance notice.  2. The latest version of this announcement, whether in digital file format or printed, supersedes any other prior version of this announcement.  3. The other fees include and is not limited to morning snack and lunch, learning resources, transportation, uniforms, extracurricular programs, Heritage Language programs and additional resources that may be required.  4. All applicants must successfully pass the admissions process to qualify for this program.  5. An application form must be submitted together with the required documents and an application fee of THB 6,000 per student prior to the family interview.   6. Once families receive the acceptance letter and complete the enrollment acceptance form, payment for enrollment (THB 250,000) and the Capital Development Fee (THB 40,000, non-refundable), must be paid within 5 working days. Families also have the option to pay a one-time refundable Capital Development Fee of THB 500,000.   7. The Program can not be used in conjunction with any other campaigns.  8. The Program is not transferable to another student or prospective student wishing to apply to VERSO.  9. The Program has a limited offer.