Thank you to all families who participated in our first VERSO-connect interactive parent workshop on Saturday Nov 23rd where we shared what a day at VERSO will look like for your child and how our Learning Designers, or teachers as they are known at VERSO, put learning in the hands of the students, supporting them to develop the skills they need to engage in this world.
    Our Learning Designers also shared the different learning experiences that takes place in a classroom. These include Community Time, Learning Lab, Explore, ConVERSO and Workshops.
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    Our next VERSO-connect event is a workshop on “Explaining the VERSO curriculum experience”, scheduled for 18 January  2020 at FYI Center.
    VERSO’s “Future-Ready Curriculum’ is innovative, student-centered, and research-based. This workshop has been designed to help parents understand what the word ‘curriculum’ means at VERSO and how our Learning Designers (teachers) have redesigned the curriculum using American educational standards as established starting points.

    Our international team of highly skilled, creative, and collaborative Learning Designers will showcase how they team up to shape and deliver a high-octane learning environment that inspires students to reach beyond the traditional limitations of established schools.

    We will explain how assessment at VERSO goes beyond just grades and numbers to include peer feedback and self-assessment. Come and discover what happens during a ConVERSO and why ‘Showtime’ creates authentic assessment opportunities for learners.

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