Interested families are invited to VISIT VERSO’s CAMPUS.

    Visiting our campus and meeting our Learning Designers (this is how we call our teachers) will help you understand the unique learning experiences your child will have at VERSO.

    What is project-based learning? What does personalized learning look like? How is our curriculum innovative?

    • Explore what a week at VERSO looks like for your child
    • Understand our innovative curriculum
    • Find out why we call our teachers “Learning Designers”
    • Enquire about our limited 2020 Student Grant and become one of our Founding Families

    Thur Mar 12, 9am  – 11am

    Click here to register for the event.

    Email, visit or call 02-080-6200 for details.



    *Please note that videos and photos will be taken at this event. These images may be used for VERSO’s marketing and promotional purposes across various print and digital platforms. Kindly inform us if you prefer not to be included in videos and photos. Thank you for your cooperation.


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