Experience VERSO

with our Founding Head of School, Cameron Fox

Discover our origin story, explore our learning style, and see how it will empower your child to gain the confidence they need to lead their own journey.

 Limited to 5 Families per session

15 January 2022

Limited to Only 5 Families a Week

Arrive 9:00 am, Finish by 11:30 am

Scoot around our vast campus and explore VERSO.

It's more than just a school. It’s an experience.

Find out how we have structured our day in a way no other school has and understand the VERSO way with Cameron Fox, our Founding Head of School.

Enjoy some coffee & light snacks while you chat, scoot, walk around and ask any questions you have about VERSO in a personalized and casual one-on-one with Cameron Fox on a Saturday morning, never seen before by schools. 

*scooter is optional and we can instead walk, drink coffee, or kick around our soccer pitch  ⚽️  Make sure you wear your most comfortable sports shoes!

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Saturday Open only to exclusive tours
Sunday Closed 

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