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Thank you for your interest in VERSO.
We are an innovative, design-driven international school following the American curriculum. We work in a project-based learning environment, focusing on
future-ready skills, preparing students for the dynamic landscape
 their future will bring.
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Work is changing.
Universities are changing.
How we learn is changing.
At VERSO, we believe the future demands a different set of skills to those traditionally taught in conventional, narrow academic programs. That’s why we embraced the challenge to rethink and reimagine the school experience so it can better prepare students for what lies ahead.
What’s unique about VERSO was our decision to use the future as our horizon point and not the past. We stepped away from the traditional school design process and instead looked to the world of design for a fresh perspective. That decision has set VERSO apart. It’s also shaped the way we approach teaching and learning and has inspired us to develop students with the skills and mindsets to change the world. That’s what schools of the future need to do.

We are built on three simple beliefs, our Purpose Pillars.

3 pillars
A strong sense of personal
and cultural identity
3 pillars 2
An ability to actively
engage with the world
3 pillars 3
The confidence to
lead your own journey

We focus on 4 Mindsets and Behaviors that we practice and build rituals around.

4 Curious to Explore
Curious to Explore

Our students have an insatiable curiosity to learn about the world around them. We set them up quickly to develop a sense of place and purpose, and develop a love for lifelong learning. 

4 Inspired to Connect
Inspired to Connect

Our students have strong social skills, effortlessly connecting them with others. They are eager to learn about different cultures and ways of living, wherever they go. 

4 Driven to Contribute
Driven to Contribute

Our students care to make use of what they learn in school, and are ready to actively shape and participate in the world around them.

4 Equipped to Transition
Equipped to Transition

Our students have a level of academic achievement and preparedness that leaves all doors open to them, wherever they choose to go.