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Hack Day: 3-4 February 2024 


Thailand's Leading School Hackathon for students ages 13-18


After three exciting and successful hackathons, VERSO HACK 2024 returns, inviting aspiring students [from any school in Thailand ages 13-18] to turn their coolest ideas into a reality, by learning how to prototype, build, pitch, and launch - over  2.5 days!



Experience VERSO HACK 2023: A Recap

To watch more videos from VERSO HACK, please click here.


VERSO HACK is a guided hackathon, where students (ages 13-18) from anywhere in Thailand come to gain fundamental tech skills and entrepreneurial mindsets and is organized and hosted by VERSO International School in Bangkok.

Students will be given a challenge or business problem to work on within a short period of time. Together with their teammates, they collaborate and use their collective creative problem-solving skills to develop a solution or technology for that challenge.

Hackathons are designed to foster students' entrepreneurial thinking and encourage them to solve real-world problems. All fundamental skills are taught to them on-site to ensure they have a great learning experience and develop skills the world's best entrepreneurs all have!

No prior experience in coding, technical skills, entrepreneurship, or business is necessary to join VERSO HACK. However, it is recommended that students have some basic knowledge of using computers and apps.

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Here's what to expect:
Build Your Network, Ignite Your Ideas: VERSO Pre-Hack 2024
The Pre-Hack event is your opportunity to kickstart your hackathon journey and network, form teams, and make new friends.
You'll have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and exchange ideas, bringing your innovative concepts to life.
So, get ready to network, form your dream team, and make lasting connections at our exciting Pre-Hack event! 
Learn What it Takes to Start Your First Venture
The tools used by top startups:
  • Problem Identification
  • Ideation & Solution
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Customer Validation
  • Prototyping
  • Business Model
  • Pitching to Investors
T0203558 (1)
Mentorship by Startup Founders, Innovators,  Investors, and Specialists
  • Meet top experts & entrepreneurs
  • Be mentored by them
  • Get guidance and advice on how to take your first steps as a student entrepreneur
  • Opportunity to learn, improve, and grow
Gain Confidence to Pitch in Front of Investors & Entrepreneurs
VERSO HACK is your chance to experience to craft and learn how to pitch your ideas to investors and entrepreneurs.
Find your Future Business Partners
Have a business idea in mind, but not sure what to start? Meet other aspiring student entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts at VERSO HACK. Feel confident that those who rise to the challenge and join, are your ideal partners in your future. 
hack 2023 winners
 Did you say...Prizes?!
Winner and Runner-up teams in both categories will get cash vouchers, certificates, and trophies along with other prizes.
All participants will get a free swag & goodies and certificate of participation. 
HACK - Awards


Pre-Hack Day: Saturday 27 Jan 2024  

Pre Hack -2

*This agenda may be subject to change.

Pre-Hack: 27 Jan 2024

Parents session


Hack Day 1: Saturday 3 Feb 2024 

Hack Day 1-4  

*This agenda may be subject to change.

Hack Day 2:  Sunday 4 Feb 2024

Hack Day 2-4

*This agenda may be subject to change.


HACK_Price bar_Tier4_6200

Note: Tickets are on sale ONLY via the official website. Tickets once purchased are nonrefundable and can not be exchanged or transferred to another person or the following year.

Junior & Senior Tickets

3,600 Baht 

(Offer ended 15 Dec 2023)

Sold Out

  • 2 .5 days of all-access Hackathon 
  • Get fundamental startup and entrepreneurship skills
  • Learn how to design your own startup, build a prototype, and then pitch your ideas to a panel of investors and entrepreneurs
  • Learn to identify problems, develop ideas and find solutions, and learn about different types of business models
  • Training, mentorship, and tools
  • Experiential Workshops
  • Delicious meals, snacks, and beverages
  • Tickets once purchased are nonrefundable and can not be exchanged or transferred to another person or the following year.

Junior & Senior Tickets

  • 2 .5 days of all-access Hackathon  
  • Get fundamental startup and entrepreneurship skills
  • Learn how to design your own startup, build a prototype, and then pitch your ideas to a panel of investors and entrepreneurs
  • Learn to identify problems, develop ideas and find solutions, and learn about different types of business models
  • Training, mentorship, and tools
  • Experiential Workshops
  • Delicious meals, snacks, and beverages
  • Tickets once purchased are nonrefundable and can not be exchanged or transferred to another person or the following year.

(Parents & Guests on Sunday 4 Feb 2024 at 1:30pm for Final Round only)
Parents and Guardians of VERSO HACK participants can also show these tickets to attend the Parent Session on 27 January 2024.


Get Tickets

  • For parents, media, and guests who want to watch the Grand Finals Pitch at 1:30pm  on Sunday 4 February
  • Complimentary snack & beverages
  • Connect with inspiring people


✉️Email smth3@absolutehotelservices.com to book before 15 December 2023 to enjoy special rates.

👉Click here for details. Please pay directly to the hotel.

👉Click here to book using code VERSOFEB24.

Booking is open until 4 Feb 2024, subject to room availability. Please pay directly to the hotel.

Meet The Judges

On HACK Day, Sunday 4 February,  the participants, parents, & guests will come together  to watch the Shark Tank-like pitch of the students' ideas to some of Thailand's movers and shakers in the field of  entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. Our participants will receive incredibly valuable and customized feedback so they can continue improving even after the hackathon is finished.

Amarit Charoenphan
Managing Partner, Aim Ventures
Tanawat Boonpanya
Head of Investment, Krungsri Finnovate
Vee Charununsiri
Head of GrabFin-Thailand
Pongsanipa Kamalanavin
Shannon Kalayanamitr
Entrepreneur and Investor
Narusan Dhanvarjor
CEO, InnoSpace (Thailand)
Sirada Traijakvanich
Vice President of Business Development, Bitazza
Tanawat Sutuntivorakoon
Group Head of Corporate Affairs, Bitazza
Nat Wongtosrad
CEO & Co-Founder, R'ket
Sharkrit Impat
Head of Platform Engineering,
Ascend Bit Company (ABC)

Meet The Mentors

Our Mentors are startup founders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors who have been invited to coach and mentor our participants and share their expertise. They will be visiting the teams to support them with their pitches, give feedback on their ideas, challenge them, and answer any questions they have.

Kanyarat Saengsawang
Country Head (Thailand), The Sandbox
Chewin Sirisak
CEO & Founder, Erectrus
Dr. Titipat Achakulvisut
Advisor, Looloo Technology
Ferdinand Gutierrez
President & Co-Founder, Ampverse
Danny Chang
Managing Director, CREaiVE
Jonathan Oh
CEO & Co-Founder, Gignite.ai
Pimpat Changrew
Co-Founder & Head of Wellness Culture & Sustainability,

Slowcombo: Mindfulness Playground

Mehran Zahraei
Founder & CEO, Armada
Pichapen Prateepavanich, PhD
Founder & CEO, GATH3R
Chartchai Pitukpaosakul
Field Sale Representative
Google Cloud

Meet The Instructors

Dr. Shane Christopher Archiquette
Co-Founder Technical, Drone Vidya

WORKSHOP 1 & 2: Lean Canvas 101
Tarit Nakavajara
Senior Fullstack Software Engineer, BITAZZA

WORKSHOP 3: Essential Prototyping
Peetachai Dejkraisak
CEO and Co-Founder, JASBERRY

WORKSHOP 4: Effective Pitching

Hear From VERSO HACK Participants!

At VERSO, we strive to continue empowering students to develop a wide range of skills and mindsets needed to navigate this increasingly unpredictable future, follow their passions, and build the confidence to lead their own journeys.

Last year over 100 students from Thailand worked on their challenge statement "How might we create products and services to encourage conscious consumerism to reduce waste and create a positive impact in the areas of fashion, tourism, and food waste/pollution." Click on the video below to see and hear what they have to share! To see more testimonials from past participants, click here.

Follow us now on facebook.com/versohack .



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If I were to invite my friends to the hackathon, I would say that the hackathon is a really, fun, creative, and interesting experience that can really improve some skills that you'll definitely need in life and it will help you in becoming an entrepreneur.



G7 Student

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This year's experience was really fun and I really enjoyed meeting new people and learning about businesses.


G10 Student

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It's just been overall quite an interesting experience and opened up my perspective into how the real world works.


G10 Student

Start Your Epic Entrepreneurial Journey Now!

Open to any aspiring student entrepreneur from ages 13-18 

No previous experience OR coding skills needed!

Follow us now on facebook.com/versohack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can participate?

Any student ages 13-18 from any school in Thailand of all nationalities can enter. Any student interested in art, science, startup, business, technology, and ideas are recommended to attend. Although no coding or technical skill required, It is recommended that you have some basic knowledge of using computers & apps. 

Do I need to be a VERSO student to register?

Nope! We're inviting students from schools all over Thailand to join VERSO HACK 2024 and while you're on campus, get on a scooter and explore our campus with one of our students!

Do I sign up as a team or individual?

Individual. However, as this is a facilitated hackathon designed for beginners, participants will be assigned into teams based on their interests and age group. This will help you make new friends, find new co-founders, and form teams with complementary skills. 

The team formation will be announced on 27 January 2024 during Pre-HACK.

What if I do not know how to code?

Great, You don't need to know to code at all! VERSO HACK is an introductory program, and no prior experience in coding, entrepreneurship, or business is necessary. All fundamental skills will be taught to students on-site as part of the program, and there are no prerequisites.  

Is VERSO HACK difficult?

Starting a company isn’t easy. However, VERSO HACK is a comfortable and guided hackathon. Friendly facilitators and business mentors will be on-site to assist students and teams on their startup. There will be a structured curriculum with sufficient breaks to ensure that teams have a great learning experience.

Will I get a certificate ?

Yes, every participant who completes the VERSO HACK will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the event on Sunday 4 February 2024. Winners will get an additional certificate of achievement which can also be collected at the end of the event on Sunday 4 February 2024.

If I don’t have any idea, can I register?

Yes, please! We are going to present you with a challenge statement at the event, so everyone is given an even playing field to go from problem to solution.

Do I need to be there for three days?

Yes, we recommend all participants experience the three days to get the most value out of this. The first day (27 Jan 2024) is half-day designed for team formation, ice-breaking activities, and an experiential workshop.

All participants are required to be on-site at VERSO campus during Sat-Sun (3-4 Feb 2024) as per the agenda shared.

If you are unable to attend VERSO Pre-Hack Day on 27 January 2024, please email the organizer at versohack@verso.ac.th with an explanation,

What does the registration process look like?

Simply purchase your tickets, and fill in the required information. You will receive a confirmation follow up, and then you are ready for the hackathon.

What are the judging criteria?

Participants will be judged on:

1. Business Value: Does the project have the potential to create value in a real-world business context? 15%
2. Concept: How unique and innovative is the project concept? 15%
3. Functional Prototype: Can the participant(s) create a functional prototype within the given time frame? 15%
4. Problem Statement: How effectively does the solution address the targeted problem statement? 15%
5. Presentation: How well does the team convey their project's purpose, functionality, and impact to the judges? 10%
6. Aid of AI: Does it utilize this technology in a meaningful and impactful way? 15%
7. Creativity: To what extent did the team think creatively and "outside the box" in addressing the challenge? 15%

During VERSO HACK,  the individuals involved in judging and determining the winner are committed to making decisions that are in the best interest of the student participants.  They take their role seriously and strive to evaluate the projects fairly and objectively.

The judges have the final say in determining the winners.

Participants are welcomed to speak with the judges after the judging session to get any additional advice or feedback, subject to judges' time and availability.

It is important to remember that the objective of a hackathon is to provide a learning and growth opportunity for students, and the decisions made by the judges are aimed at achieving this goal.

Are there any health precautions?

If you are not feeling well before or on the day of the event, please inform us. Wearing a mask is optional. However, we encourage everyone to regularly wash their hands and use hand sanitizers, if required.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets once purchased are nonrefundable and can not be exchanged or transferred to another person or the following year.

What happens if there is a lockdown or the event has to be cancelled due to unforseen circumstances?

VERSO HACK fully complies with all current measures stipulated by the Thai government. In the event of a lockdown, the entire event will be switched to a virtual, metaverse event. Students will still have an excellent learning experience, and they would learn essential digital skills, collaborate remotely with peers, and adapt to the Future of Work. This will assist them in their preparation for overseas and/or virtual internships in the future.

Will accommodation be provided?

No, students will have to come in the morning and leave in the evening as per the agenda. No accommodation is provided.

Do I need to wear my school uniform?

Not at all! You may wear anything you are comfortable in, but you may want to bring a light jacket or pullover as the classrooms and Arena may get quite cold due to the air conditioning.

What materials do I need to bring along?
  • Laptop & Laptop Charger
  • Individual Water Bottle ( There are water stations on campus.)
  • Pens/Pencils/Writing Materials
  • Mobile Phone (Optional)
  • Phone Charger/Power Bank 
  • Sweater/Jacket (Optional)
  • Face Masks (Optional)
  • Hand Sanitizer (Optional. There will be hand sanitizer points on campus.)
  • Prototyping Materials (These will be listed in your Info packs)


What is your photo and video policy at the event?

Photographs, video, and audio footage will be taken throughout VERSO HACK 2024. These will be used by VERSO for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website, social media channels or in any third-party publications. 

If you do not wish to have your photos and videos taken, please email versohack@verso.ac.th with your full name and photo for reference. Please note that photos in group photos will not be removed nor blurred.

I have a dietary restriction. What do I do?

Tickets to VERSO PRE-HACK on 27 January 2024 includes snack and tickets to VERSO HACK includes lunch and snacks on 3-4 February 2024.  We offer non-vegetarian and vegetarian options and not vegan. If you have severe allergies or strict dietary restrictions, we recommend that you bring your own meals.

Can visitors watch the students during the hackathon?

No. VERSO HACK is only for participants and no parents or visitors are allowed into the classrooms.

There will be a live stream of the First Round of Junior and Senior teams on Sunday 4 February 2024 on our Facebook and Youtube channels. Please follow facebook.com/versohack to get the links and updated timings.

Visitors and guests have the opportunity to watch the final round pitch LIVE at our campus  on Sunday 4 February at 1pm. However, they must register for free tickets by clicking on "Attendee" tickets here. There will be no live streaming of the Final Round pitching.

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Pre-Hack: 27 January 2024

3 - 4 FEBRUARY 2024

Your exclusive opportunity to start a startup career in a fun & valuable way.

Follow us on Facebook for updates.

To contact us, email versohack@verso.ac.th

VERSO HACK 2024 Code of Conduct

All attendees must follow the VERSO HACK 2024 Code of Conduct.

Terms and Conditions

1. VERSO International School reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify, cancel, or amend the dates, times, and other Terms & Conditions of VERSO HACK for any reason without incurring liability from the participant as a result thereof. 
2. Participants are not entitled to any claim or compensation against VERSO International School for any losses, damages, costs, and/or expenses suffered or incurred whether directly or indirectly, as a result of any postponement or cancellation of VERSO HACK.
3. VERSO International School's decision shall be final.
4. During the pitching round at VERSO HACK 2024, the judges’ decision is final.
5. Tickets once purchased are nonrefundable and can not be exchanged or transferred to another person or the following year.