26 Sep

Homecoming Basketball Game

Come and cheer our basketball players as they play against Lycee Francais de Bangkok in our first Homecoming U18 Girls and Boys Basketball Game.

3PM - 6PM
27 Sep

HoS Coffee Morning

Join us for an engaging morning of coffee and conversation with our HoS Ryan Persaud as he shares some exciting plans and the vision he has for our school community.

8AM - 9AM
04 Oct

The UniVERSOtea Morning

Learn about all the ways a university makes admissions decisions in 2023. You'll learn how holistic admissions works and how students can make the most of their time in high school to be prepared for their applications.

8AM - 9AM

Reimagine the Future at VERSO International School in Bangkok


Applications to VERSO are now welcome!


Early Years 2 — Grade 4


Grade 5 — 8

(AGES 11-14 YEARS)

Grade 9 — 12

(AGES 15-18 YEARS)

We are an innovative and design-driven American international school in Bangkok.

Progressive and Future Ready.
Progressive and Future Ready.

VERSO, an American international school in Bangkok, Thailand, is building a global community of citizen designers to inspire everyone to be future ready. Our approach to education is centered around empowering students to develop the skills and confidence they need to achieve their goals and make a positive impact in the  world.

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We help our students develop future-ready skills in response to the changing nature of work. We prepare them to be agile, adaptive, and creative.


At VERSO, learning will become much more bespoke and personalized. Students are asked about their preferences and areas of interest. They can influence and choose ways of learning that suit them the most.

See Our Curriculum
LEarning LAb

At VERSO, we train our students to learn “how to learn”. The pace of change in all aspects of our future lives means everyone will be constantly reskilling and upskilling. We help out students to become truly independent, self-directed, and the managers of their own learning journeys.

See How We Learn

VERSO International School in Bangkok follows an American curriculum aligned to New York State Learning Standards and redesigned to create VERSO’s own Future-Ready curriculum,  placing an emphasis on learning that is interdisciplinary, project-based, and personalized. We are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and College (WASC) and Thailand’s Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA).

In the 2023-24 academic year, specific Advance Placement (AP) courses will be available for high school students who wish to supplement their pathway using university-level material through single subject courses. Some of the STEAM based AP courses include Physics, Biology, 2D Art, Computer Science, Statistics, and Calculus.

Those learners who score well on the AP exams may receive university credit at the discretion of individual colleges and universities.  

Lower Loop is home to our youngest learners from Early Years 2 (Pre-K) through Grade 4, while Middle Loop (middle school) is home for learners in Grades 5 through 8 and Upper Loop is home to our high school students in Grades 9 through 11.

Created in partnership with IDEO, the global design and innovation organization from San Francisco, and inspired by Stanford d.school, VERSO is a pioneering, innovative, American international school in Bangkok that is focused on future-ready skills that prepare learners for the dynamic landscape their future will bring.

We are building a community of citizen designers by empowering our young people with the skills, mindsets, and opportunities to connect and positively impact the communities around them, We want to see VERSO graduates be the change agents that our future is going to need and to make a difference wherever they go, to pursue their dreams, and embrace the future with confidence.

We believe in designing rich and engaging projects that help learners connect their learning across different disciplines. For example, we might do a project that mixes Music, Math and Chinese, or Art, Science and English.

We focus on the development of skills and understanding that are organized into 6 proficiencies and 20 competencies. These are central to the design of the interdisciplinary learning experiences at VERSO.

VERSO is the first Bangkok international school in Thailand to join the Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC), a growing movement of American and international schools developing a contemporary transcript that has been redesigned to showcase students’ interests, skills, and strengths rather than just a letter grade of GPA.

We offer limitless opportunities for students to learn, create, practice, present and perform through uniquely designed performance spaces and world-class sporting facilities.

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