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Learn about ways to utilize the breaks and summer vacation to support your child's interests and the types of programs that exist for your high school child, and how to search and apply for the best fit opportunities.

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Reimagine the Future at VERSO
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Early Years 2 — Grade 4


Grade 5 — 8

(AGES 11-14 YEARS)

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(AGES 15-18 YEARS)

We are an innovative and design-driven International School in Bangkok.

Progressive and Future Ready.
Progressive and Future Ready.

VERSO International school sets the standard for excellence in education. Situated in the vibrant heart of Bangkok, VERSO is more than just an international school in Bangkok; it's a global community dedicated to nurturing students into well-rounded, future-ready individuals. Our holistic approach to education empowers students with the skills and confidence they need to excel academically while also preparing them to make a positive impact on the world. Discover why VERSO is the leading international school in Bangkok and join us in shaping a brighter future for your child.

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We help our students develop future-ready skills in response to the changing nature of work. We prepare them to be agile, adaptive, and creative.


At VERSO, learning will become much more bespoke and personalized. Students are asked about their preferences and areas of interest. They can influence and choose ways of learning that suit them the most.

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LEarning LAb

At VERSO, we train our students to learn “how to learn”. The pace of change in all aspects of our future lives means everyone will be constantly reskilling and upskilling. We help out students to become truly independent, self-directed, and the managers of their own learning journeys.

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VERSO International School  follows an American curriculum, specifically tailored to meet the needs of its students. The curriculum, rooted in New York State Learning Standards, has been customized to create VERSO's unique Future-Ready program. At VERSO, we prioritize a holistic and adaptable approach to education, emphasizing interdisciplinary, project-based learning, and personalized instruction. We are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and College (WASC) and Thailand’s Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA).

In the upcoming 2023-2024 school year, we're excited to offer high school students the opportunity to enhance their education with specific Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These courses provide university-level material through single subject offerings, allowing students to further enrich their academic journey. Some of the STEAM based AP courses include Physics, Biology, 2D Art, Computer Science, Statistics, and Calculus. 

Learners who excel in AP exams may earn university credit, subject to the discretion of individual colleges and universities.

Lower Loop is home to our youngest learners from Early Years 2 (Pre-K) through Grade 4, while Middle Loop (middle school) is home for learners in Grades 5 through 8 and Upper Loop is home to our high school students in Grades 9 through 11.

VERSO is focused on future-ready skills. It was created in partnership with IDEO, a global design and innovation organization, and inspired by Stanford d.school. The programs at our international school are designed to prepare learners for the dynamic landscape of the future. We are a pioneering and innovative school that is committed to providing students with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

At VERSO International School, we are committed to building a community of citizen designers. We believe that our students are the change agents of the future, and we aim to empower them with the skills, mindsets, and opportunities to make a positive impact on the world around them.

We do this by providing students with a curriculum that is focused on future-ready skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration. We also offer a variety of extracurricular activities that allow students to develop their leadership, social, and emotional skills.

We believe that VERSO graduates will be the leaders of tomorrow and to make a difference wherever they go, to pursue their dreams, and embrace the future with confidence.

We believe in project-based learning. This means that we design rich and engaging projects that help learners connect their learning across different disciplines. To illustrate the point, we might do a project that mixes music, math, and Chinese, or art, science, and English.

Project-based learning is a great way to help students learn in a meaningful way. It allows them to apply their knowledge to real-world problems, and it helps them develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.

We focus on developing skills and understanding through 6 proficiencies and 20 competencies. These are central to the design of the school's interdisciplinary learning experiences. VERSO International School is committed to providing students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in college, career, and life.

VERSO is an American international school that is committed to providing students with a transcript that reflects their unique skills, strengths, and interests. We are the first international school in Bangkok to join the Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC), a network of schools that are redesigning the high school transcript to showcase student learning beyond grades and scores.

The MTC transcript is a digital transcript that uses a competency-based framework to assess student learning. This means that students are assessed on what they know and can do, rather than just on their grades. The transcript also includes information about the student's extracurricular activities, interests, and projects.

If you are looking for a school that will provide your child with a transcript that reflects their true potential, then VERSO is the school for you.

At our Bangna campus, we offer limitless opportunities for students to learn, create, practice, present, and perform. The school has uniquely designed performance spaces and world-class sporting facilities that allow students to explore their interests and talents.

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