14 February 2024

VERSO Open House

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VERSO Open House on Wednesday 14 February 2024 9:00AM -11:00AM

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Nick Beta Holme


Early Years (2 - 5 years old)
Our Early Years program supports each child’s natural development, valuing the role of play and the intuitive choices children make as learners.

We engage our learners in a series of projects and activities centered on their interests and needs, igniting their curiosity, and encouraging them to look for answers to a wide range of questions.
Lower Loop (6 - 10 years old)

As our learners progress through Grades 1-4, learning is meaningfully connected across disciplines to help our children develop a strong set of foundational academic skills such as reading, writing, and mathematical thinking, required for learners to think independently and express themselves.

Middle Loop (11 - 14 years old)
Our Middle Loop curriculum has a stronger emphasis on math, English, science, well-being, and design. Learning is self-directed and highly project- based, building confidence, communication, and creativity to develop future-ready skills.
Learners have mentors and experts who guide them through challenging projects and processes and actively engage with learning experiences that also go beyond the walls, allowing them to authentically apply their learning to real-world settings.
Upper Loop (15 - 18 years old)
Our approach to learning becomes distinctly unique at Upper Loop and is inspired by Stanford d. school. While many other programs focus on what a student can repeat or remember, we’re more interested in applying real world knowledge to new and challenging situations and complexities.


Our learners work with a cohort of peers, Learning Designers, staff, and mentors to challenge their ideas and push their design practice outside of their comfort zone. Projects are centered around real-life issues, challenges, and opportunities, and we continuously build a network of partners and experts to bring these projects to life.