We are committed to embedding safeguarding policies, procedures, and guidelines into VERSO's overall operations to fulfill this duty of care. 

Safeguarding Commitment Statement

From the School Executive Committee

VERSO International School (VERSO) believes that every child has a right to feel safe and protected from harm. As a school, we recognize we are in a unique position of primary responsibility for the safety, care, and welfare of students in our charge. Therefore, VERSO has committed to embedding safeguarding policies, procedures, and guidelines into the school’s overall operations to fulfill this duty to care. 

Implications of safeguarding are prioritized in school-wide systems and procedures, including recruitment and hiring, community training and education, risk assessment of school-sponsored activities and trips, and a process of continual review and revision of our safeguarding program. Beyond our policies, procedures, and systems, we are committed to a child-centered approach focused on the child’s best interests. We are further committed to ensuring that each child understands his or her rights as a VERSO student and has at least one trusted adult to whom they can confide. 

In conjunction with our commitment, the guiding principles of safeguarding that underlie our approach are drawn from the VERSO Board Policy, Thai Law, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), to which Thailand is a signatory country. 

A comprehensive safeguarding program works towards prevention, protection, and response to concerns in a timely, consistent, and transparent manner. All VERSO faculty and staff are active participants in implementing and ensuring student safety. The school has designated specific individuals to lead the charge of maintaining best practices and serving as ambassadors to implementing and maintaining the highest standards of safeguarding in our community. 

Safeguarding children from harm works best when the entire community is involved and engaged. To that end, we ask that our students, our parents, and our partners educate and commit themselves to learning about Safeguarding issues. We ask that you participate in Safeguarding by keeping an eye out for one another and saying something if you see something that concerns you. 

It is the Board and the School’s request that each and every member of our community participate in the commitment to ensure the safest possible environment for our current and future students. 

Warm Regards,

The VERSO School Executive Committee



From the Head of School

Dear VERSO Community,

At VERSO, we are committed to supporting students to develop: a strong sense of personal and cultural identity; an ability to actively engage with the world, and the confidence to lead their own journey.  A central pillar of this commitment concerns our determination to safeguard the health, safety, and well-being of every student who attends VERSO International School. 

Safeguarding at VERSO is more than a policy or program. It is more than a training or set of standards. Rather, at VERSO we believe that safeguarding involves building a caring, responsive, and protective culture of awareness, knowledge, and empowerment of the rights of a child, particularly within the context of VERSO’s school community. Safeguarding also involves developing systems of accountability where all school employees–including the Head of School, Loop Leaders, and Learning Designers–accept responsibility for keeping VERSO’s students safe. 

At VERSO, we believe: 

  • Children have the right to be protected from all forms of abuse, neglect, and exploitation; 
  • A child should be treated fairly, with dignity, and with respect; and 
  • Adult decisions affecting children should be made with the best interests of the child as the primary concern. 

These rights are outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), to which Thailand is a signatory country, and national laws including the Child Protection  Act (2003), Ministry of Education Thailand Policy, and the Civil Code of Thailand. 

In keeping with VERSO’s commitment and guided by Executive Committee Policy and Procedures, VERSO has implemented best practices in prevention and response to safeguarding concerns within our community, including abuse, neglect, exploitation, and harassment. This may include partnering with local Thai authorities to support our efforts when needed. This journey is motivated by our determination to ensure safeguarding is an important strategic priority.

Core aspects of safeguarding in place at VERSO will continue to strengthen our efforts. These currently include: 

  • Maintaining clear roles and responsibilities of Designated Child Safeguarding Leads and Coordinator;
  • Practicing safe recruitment and hiring protocols for all employees, interns, and volunteers; 
  • Offering an EY-12 student protection curriculum with age/stage appropriate skills and knowledge; 
  • Performing risk management and risk reduction exercises regularly; 
  • Maintaining secure documentation procedures in response to reports of safeguarding incidents; 
  • Offering an anonymous reporting channel for safe reporting; and 
  • Undertaking an annual evaluation and self-audit of our safeguarding activities. 

Like many other efforts to guide the healthy developmental and learning needs of preschoolers through adolescents, it takes a village. Whether you are a parent, teacher, staff, or peer, thank you for your role in building a VERSO school culture and community where safety and well-being are paramount. 

Kind Regards,

Ryan Persaud

Head of School


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VERSO Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy and Procedures Handbook (2023-2024)