C7-8 on How do countries use media to influence their political outcomes?

Addressing the driving question “How do countries use media to influence their political outcomes?” our C7-8 learners are exploring the Communication and humanism competencies through the interdisciplinary lenses of Social Studies, Literacy, and Art.
They investigated the intricate interplay between humans and political systems, diving deep into the diverse styles of political structuring, and uncovering factors that influence these structures, including religion and geography.
To convey the empathy and emotions stirred within them, they are creating individual paintings, using various art elements to transform abstract ideas into tangible works of art. Each piece will be accompanied by visual research and an information text, explaining the learning around this complex subject.
Catch their artworks at the upcoming Art Exhibition and Auction on 6 Oct. Proceeds will go towards the C7-8 Microfinance Legacy Project to support marginalized communities adversely affected by political outcomes in their country.
  • STUDENT All students
  • SUBJECT(S) Math, English Language Arts, Art, Presenting skill
  • DATE September 2023