VERSO is not just another international school. It's a creative solution to the highly complex challenge of building a school of the future in Thailand. We’re growing a community of citizen designers to inspire everyone to be future ready.


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The genesis of VERSO is unlike that of any other international school. 

The starting point was a simple question: How can we design a new international school in Bangkok that truly prepares its students for a world that is changing faster than ever in human history? That was in 2014.

To help us imagine what such a school of the future could and should look like, we engaged IDEO, one of the world’s leading design and innovation firms in San Francisco. As part of our groundbreaking work with their team, we visited more than 25 innovative schools in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. During the 4 months of intensive travel and research, we spoke with school leaders, students, parents, and educators and learned a lot.

We asked important questions about our context and how we might create a school that is responsive and inspired by Thailand. We embraced the idea of innovation and the importance of finding ways to protect and encourage an evolving and experimenting learning environment. We became curious about the value of international education and how we might help students, parents, and educators to see beyond visible features and make the most meaningful aspects of the school experience tangible.

Using a human-centered design process the IDEO designers skillfully synthesized all of this research and insights into prototype models that we tested with families in Bangkok. The insights we gathered from those conversations eventually produced the three simple beliefs on which VERSO is built:

We are an international school that supports learners to develop a strong sense of personal and cultural identity, an ability to actively engage with the world around them, and the confidence to lead their own journey and pursue any path they choose.

And it is this unique design process that sets VERSO apart from any other international school in the world. We were built from the ground up.

At VERSO, we think and act like designers. Our learning spaces, curriculum, pedagogy, and  rituals have all been intentionally designed around the human-centered approach of design thinking, which is embedded in our teaching and is the DNA of the school.


We inspire everyone to be equipped for the future. We strive to  build a global community of citizen designers who can make a positive impact on the world through creative solutions to real-world challenges.

Our name is a testament to our mission and vision. The word VERSO is the Latin word for the left-hand page of an open book. To us, it symbolizes the turning of a new page. As an innovative, progressive and future-focused Bangkok international school, our purpose at VERSO is to continually find ways to turn that page.

We opened our school in 2020 in the midst of the global pandemic, the impact of which has ironically made even more apparent the importance of equipping young people with the skills and mindset they need to successfully navigate a highly uncertain future.

We continue to be inspired by what the future might bring and to build a school that gives students from around the world the opportunity to develop their human potential and build a powerful set of future-ready skills.


This is VERSO. The School of the Future.


Our Team