The futuristic architecture and Silicon Valley-inspired campus of VERSO provide learners with an inspiring learning environment.

VERSO is not just another international school, but a creative solution to the highly complex challenge of building a school of the future in Thailand. We’re building a community of citizen designers to inspire everyone to be future ready.





Latest Articles from Our Blog

Upper Loop Updates: February 9, 2024. Update on Labs, Events, and Announcements

Greg and J would like to extend a giant thank you to all families that were able to attend our recent Coffee Morning on UL Program Updates for 2024-2025.
Jarret Voytilla

Lower Loop Latest - Lower Loop Latest! Learning Lab Experiences

In this edition we delve into the enriching journeys and remarkable experiences that our learners have encountered both Beyond the Walls and within the walls of VERSO. Join us as ...
Cushla Jones

Upper Loop Updates: Exciting and Challenging Lab Topics and More!

Please save the date on 31 January when our UL Career and University Counselor Greg Mason and I will be leading a session on our high school academic program and course offerings ...
Jarret Voytilla

Lower Loop Latest - Q2 360's and Lunar New Year Festivities

Get ready to receive an overview of all the experiences that your child has been a part of in Quarter 2 – on Friday, 2 February! You'll be getting your child's VERSO 360 Progress ...
Cushla Jones

From Problems to Solutions: My Design Thinking Journey at VERSO

Dive into the realm of design thinking through the eyes of our G8 student, Mona. She recently spoke to a group of parents, explaining how this creative problem-solving approach is ...
Monarin (Mona) Sulanchupakorn

Upper Loop Updates: Celebrating 30 University Acceptances as of January 2024!

The majority of our learners are out in the field this week on the Duke of Edinburgh expedition, so this ULU will be brief, and the focus will be on delivering a community update ...
Jarret Voytilla

Lower Loop Latest - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2024, and welcome back, VERSO Family!
Cushla Jones

HoS Highlights: Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays!

Dear VERSO Community, I hope this newsletter finds everyone well and ready for a holiday! A big thank you and congratulations to the entire community for WinterFest. It was bigger ...
Ryan Persaud
Ryan Persaud

Game On: How Do Competitive Sports Shape Identity?

Competitive sport can shape identity: What team sport can teach us about life... What a week it has been on planet VERSO - Look 4 Learning, Staff vs Parent Sports Games, Open ...
Chad Walsh
Chad Walsh