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VERSO International School, Thailand, is a pioneering, innovative American international school with a progressive American curriculum focused on future-ready skills that prepare learners for the dynamic evolving landscape their future will bring.

Upper Loop Learners studying our international high school curriculum in Bangkok are future ready to take on the new careers of tomorrow with high-impact Process Portfolios that showcase their skills, strengths, and experiences.


We are immensely proud of the Class of 2024, who have received offers from many universities around the world and are embarking on paths towards higher education and becoming agents of change.

This is a pivotal moment for VERSO, as we begin to see the rewarding outcomes of our efforts, with universities showing keen interest in students who are adventurous in learning, passionate about connection, motivated to contribute, and ready for the next phase of their lives.

Our learners have applied to diverse fields, including art and design, music, psychology, marine biology, and business. 

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The VERSO High School (Upper Loop) Profile includes information about our Upper Loop curriculum, graduation requirements, competency-based grading, AP courses and university offers. This information impacts the way universities will evaluate our learners' grades and course selections.

VERSO UL Profile 2023-2024
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HoS Highlights: Happy Songkran!

5 April 2024
Dear VERSO Community, On 27 March, the Bang Chalong Fire Department was present at VERSO to evaluate our fire evacuation procedures. Previously, we have had two fire drills this ...

Discovering Bangkok's Stray Animal Control: Learners' Insight

3 April 2024
To gain insight into the issue of stray animals in Bangkok, our Middle Loop students travelled to a local temple in Bangkok as part of their Beyond the Walls trip for their ...

Upper Loop Updates: 29 March 2024 Q3 Wrap Up!

29 March 2024
Our G12 learner Kyoka Shodladd, as part of their activism, was appointed as one of the marriage equality ad-hoc committees representing civil society. Below Kyoka describes the ...

Lower Loop Latest -Making March Magical!

29 March 2024
I hope that this edition of the Lower Loop Latest finds you well. The last two weeks have flown by. Learners in each of the cohorts are busy connecting all of the new learning and ...

ML Muster: Discover What Your Child is Learning this Quarter

29 March 2024
Through the Window Snippets of Learning Currently Happening in ML - Learning Designer Voices In the Middle Loop over the past two weeks, Learning Designers have selected 1 ...

HoS Highlights: VERSO IGNITE-Venture Center Experience Day

22 March 2024
VERSO Venture Center Experience Day On 14 February, we had Rusydi Khairul, the CEO of Reactor School Singapore at our campus here for a coffee morning to introduce the concept of ...

Upper Loop Updates: Q3 Progress Updates and Announcements

15 March 2024
Last week, learners completed robotic prototypes for their proposed automation solutions. They then designed and carried out an experiment so that they could use their findings to ...

Lower Loop Latest - People, Nature, Emotions, Health, and a Dash of Victory!

15 March 2024
As we delve into the latest edition of our Lower Loop Latest, we are delighted to share the diverse and enriching experiences that have unfolded within our vibrant learning ...

VERSO Literary Champions: Celebrating Our Quiz Wizards!

12 March 2024
Congratulations to VERSO Quizwizards DJ (G5), Kacy (G4), Yipta (G6), and Nadine (G5) for earning an invitation to represent Thailand in the prestigious Kids' Lit Quiz (KLQ) World ...
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I love how VERSO students treat each other with dignity and respect. Everyone here is so genuine and caring. The halls are full of laughter and walking around campus makes you feel right at home.

-- Chad Walsh VERSO Middle Loop Leader

It is great to see that my son has a chance to learn about many concepts that adults are learning. I am happy to see him lead workshops in his class, interacting with his classmates, and working on projects.

-- Khun Dhanapol VERSO Lower Loop parent

We believe having a great mindset and developing a person to be a person is more important than anything else. It is hard to quantify but I have observed how my daughter has grown in many great ways. This is mainly due to her second home at VERSO in a trusted and supportive environment.

-- Khun Pannalak VERSO Middle Loop parent

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