After School Activities


We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities (ECA)  for our VERSO learners to explore, enjoy and develop new skills. These activities encourage our learners to develop social skills, make new friends, and become confident communicators.

Our extracurricular activities (ECAs) include sports, art, dance, music, programming, and other activities that help our learners develop various skills. These include teamwork, leadership, creativity, problem-solving and more.


Club Information: The basketball ECA program runs for both beginners and advanced players. The program focuses on skill building, team tactics and integrating a love for the game.


The cooking club aims to encourage students to cook and eat healthily. Cooking Club is held in a fun, relaxed environment, encouraging the students to cook and try new recipes.  Students choose the recipes and explore what is interesting to them.


CUKIFootball for Early Years is delivered in a responsive environment with an emphasis on having fun! The focus on motor skills, spatial awareness, social skills, following instructions, technical skills and team play. For older learners, the coaches will focus strongly on developing the kids technical footballing skills such as first touch, passing, dribbling, shooting, and 1v1 (attack and defend)
Sessions will be designed to give the kids lots of time on the ball thus improving them as footballers. Sessions will be fun, challenging and highly rewarding and give the players the essential skills to improve their gamts




Club Information: This program is designed for Middle Loop students with prior experience in playing golf.


Club InformationFor children aged 3-6 years. We focus on building basic fundamental skills using gymnastics equipment suitable for young children such as the bar, beam, mini trampoline, and vault so that they learn to become comfortable with using different groups of muscles, building strength and developing agility and flexibility.

For children aged 7-11 years. Building on their basic skills, we focus on targeting both small and muscle groups, and increasing flexibility in order to help them prepare and develop their skills into gymnastics moves on various equipment such as the vault, bars, balance beam, and floor.

Inline Skating

BKK SKATE logo-cutout (Inline Skate)

Club InformationBKK Skating School is the first and only International Skating School in Thailand. 

It follows the 5-level inline skating curriculum accredited by the World Skate Organization. Inline skating or rollerblading is a great activity for boys and girls. 

After only one or two lessons most children are able to find their balance and can skate on their own. That’s when students fall in love with the sport and gain confidence to learn more.  Skating helps develop autonomy in children, discovering their strengths and limitations, taking learning into their own hands. Inline skating helps children keep fit while having fun, encouraging fast decision making and leadership skills.

K-Pop Dance

BKK Dance

Club InformationK-Pop Dance is a cardio dance that blends hip hop grooves, jazz-funk, and house. K-Pop is a Korean pop music that's known for its infectious, catchy beats and tunes.

Little Coder


Club InformationEarly learners will learn through play about sequencing, looping, conditional coding, and cause and effect by placing the new “Action Brick”. Each “Action Brick“ creates specific actions allowing for students to test and redesign ways to problem-solve and work together to achieve a final pre-set sequence. In the classroom, children will be provided logic and critical thinking skill worksheets to enhance their logic and coding fundamentals.

Little Ninja

All kids love to jump around. The Movement Playground is offering a proven method to discover how to move and have fun correctly in a safe environment. Jump, roll, swing, climb, balance and vault like a ninja, guided by experienced and passionate trainers.



Club InformationMinecraft could be considered an online, updated version of the classic Lego building blocks. 

Most of today’s students will have to succeed in future jobs that don’t yet exist, and schools around the world are working hard to equip their students with skills to meet this challenge. This is where Minecraft: Education Edition comes in. It is a powerful tool to achieve significant student outcomes because it is an open-world building game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination.

Robotic and Coding

The STEM Robotic and Coding 1 lessons have been developed to engage
and motivate children in early making, piquing their interest in learning design, technology, and engineering.
The robot’s elements with intuitive block-based coding and standards-aligned lesson plans make STEM learning fun and accessible.

LEGO bricks, sensors and motors help students of all levels develop concrete and tangible understanding of abstract concepts.

The lesson plans are designed to build the students’ confidence to define problems, ask questions, and design their own solutions. The lessons come in a range of challenge levels and cover science, engineering, maker, and computational thinking.

Surf Skating

BKK Skating School is the first and only International Skating School in Thailand. Surf skating is like surfing on the street! While a surf skate looks similar to a skateboard, its special front truck allows movements that closely resemble surfing, including short and maneuverable turns. Even if you have never used a skateboard or surf skate, don’t worry: The movements are absolutely intuitive and easy to learn.


The VERSO Taekwondo Club is a dynamic martial arts program designed especially for primary students. Our Taekwondo Club focuses on strengthening the student's, mind, body, and spirit. We use the latest training programs from the Thai National Taekwondo Team, Juice Compound (US Taekwondo Training) and Gymnastic Bodies (Flexibility and Core Strength). We help students create a strong foundation in Taekwondo techniques, body strength, flexibility, and natural confidence. Our program is fun, dynamic and challenges students to grow stronger.


The tennis after-school activity offers a wide variety of tennis programs for students who are aspiring to play professional tennis and caters to beginners/social players to elite and highly competitive tennis players. The tennis programs are interactive with an excellent mix of teaching techniques, allowing students to develop their skills in a fun and engaging environment while being coached by experienced and highly qualified coaches.



The program is specially designed to encourage young players to develop an interest in volleyball.



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