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C3-4 Computer Science

Check out our amazing C3-4 learners who hosted an incredible Computer Science ShowTime event! They delved into the world of computer science to create and share games with others, combining the subjects of computer science and writing.
They put their newfound knowledge of persuasion to use by delivering persuasive speeches to their parents on various technology-related topics. From advocating for more coding opportunities and screen time to convincing their parents to buy them a Nintendo Switch, our learners demonstrated their persuasive skills using factual information, rhetorical questions, and expert opinions.
To showcase their learning, they opened their very own "arcade" where visitors could play the games they created using Scratch or MakeCode. This unit was packed with engaging activities, including guest speakers, trips, coding workshops, and tinkering with different programs. It was truly rewarding to see everyone's hard work come to life!
  • STUDENT All students
  • SUBJECT(S) Math, English Language Arts, Art, Skills
  • DATE March 2023