C5-6 on how might we use performing arts to demonstrate how innovation and technology impact lives

Our C5-6 learners organized a creative ShowTime last week, addressing their driving question "How might we use performing arts to demonstrate how innovation and technology impact lives?”
The learners showcased informative plays to families and guests, exploring the positive and negative impacts of technology throughout history and demonstrating paradigm shifts and changed thinking.
They first focused on the concept of carbon footprint and its effect on climate change, using their research to build a knowledge baseline for their initial performances to the C3-4 learners. They then shifted their focus to the impact of innovation through history for the three plays they entirely directed, produced, wrote, and performed. These covered the evolution of weapons (The Rise of Bronze), the invention of the printing press (Pressing the Past), and the evolution of antibiotics (From Mold to Medicine).
This project-based learning integrated science (environment), social studies (human progress), English language arts (narrative and scriptwriting), math (data collection on carbon footprints), and arts (costume, prop, and set creation).
  • STUDENT All students
  • SUBJECT(S) Math, English Language Arts, Art, Presenting skill
  • DATE June 2023