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Designing an outfit
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C5-6 iExplore Showtime

Explore projects are very personal for students because they are working on projects that are significant, relevant, and meaningful to them. Explore time helps them understand how they learn best and the possibilities that arise when they are empowered to direct their own learning journey. Our Explore experiences allow students to pursue their passions, interests, and curiosities.

The projects link to traditional school subjects but focus on students developing the confidence, communication skills, and understanding of their own culture to shape their future while solving pressing problems in the community or in their world.

The iExplore (Individual Explore) projects are designed to allow students to choose a personal path that energizes, engages, and empowers them. Through these projects, our students develop future-ready skills, a design thinking mindset,  and learn how to become inspiring communicators.

Here are some of the projects our C5-6 students presented during Showtime, explaining the motivation and inspiration behind their work.

  • STUDENT All students
  • SUBJECT(S) Math, English Language Arts, Art, Skills
  • DATE December 2021