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C7-8 History of the Future

Our C7-8 learners recently presented their “History of the Future” Learning Lab Showtime, where they addressed the driving question, “How can we design a room showcasing how humanity will evolve on Earth and on a different planet?”
This was a learner-led exploration of human evolution with a focus on natural selection and adaptation. Learners explored how natural environments select for mutations in human genotypes and how these are expressed in phenotypes.
This cross-curricular unit included science (concept of evolution and human genetic history), math (using a scale, proportionality, and how to collect probabilistic data), and literacy (writing a persuasive piece with informed reading, writing strategies, vocabulary building, and developing research skills).
  • STUDENT All students
  • SUBJECT(S) Math, English Language Arts, Art, Presenting skill
  • DATE November 2022