Cost of Living in Bangkok, a Quick Guide for 2024

Cost of Living in Bangkok, a Quick Guide for 2024

By VERSO Communications Team / June 18, 2024 / Living in Bangkok

Our community of international parents and students at VERSO International School appreciates both a dynamic, global lifestyle and an outstanding education. When thinking about moving to Bangkok, it's important to know how much living here will cost. In 2024, Bangkok is still able to provide a special fusion of elegance, ease, and cultural diversity. With consideration for the lifestyle choices of our VERSO families, this guide seeks to offer insights into the expenses you can anticipate.

Bangkok Luxury Living

We understand that when it comes to your living space, you most likely appreciate conveniences, security, and comfort. The good news is that there are many elegant home choices in Bangkok to meet these demands.

High-End Condominiums

There are plenty of high-end condominiums in popular locations such as Sukhumvit, Thonglor, and Phrom Phong. Upscale residences provide first-rate conveniences in addition to spaciousness and style. Complete fitness centers, sky lounges, infinity pools with expansive city views, and round-the-clock concierge services are all to be expected. These refined condominiums can rent for anything from ฿60,000 to ฿100,000 a month, depending on size, location, and degree of luxury.


Exclusive Villas and Houses

Families looking for additional room and seclusion can find opulent villas and homes in Bangkok's gated communities and outskirts. Lush gardens, private pools, and perhaps even staff quarters are features of these homes. Such homes can rent for anything from ฿100,000 to ฿500,000 or more a month, depending on size and location.


Dining in Bangkok

A gourmet's dream come true, Bangkok has everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to street food to well-stocked grocery stores.

Fine Dining Experiences

As of 2024, Bangkok has 35 Michelin-starred restaurants serving fine Thai, Japanese, French, and fusion food. At a one-star restaurant such as Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin, a six-course lunch might run you about ฿2,600 per person. Budget between ฿4,000 and ฿6,000 per person for dinner at a two-star restaurant, not including drinks.

International Cuisine

Bangkok has no shortage of upscale foreign restaurants. While a sushi omakase meal can cost between ฿2,500 and ฿5,000 per person, a good steak at a reputable steakhouse might cost between ฿1,500 and ฿3,000.


Gourmet Groceries

Gourmet Market is one of the upscale supermarkets in Bangkok for people who want to cook at home, along with Villa Market. These places have a large selection of luxury and imported products. Note that taxes can make imported goods more expensive. One small pot of international butter, for instance, might cost ฿100, and 500g of imported cheese around ฿400.

Getting Around the City

Even though Bangkok has a very effective public transportation system, we are aware that many families value the ease and comfort of private transportation.

Private Cars

Expats often drive their own cars. Luxury cars imported are expensive because of the substantial taxes. A new Mercedes C-Class or BMW 3 Series mid-range luxury vehicle may set you back anything from ฿3 million to ฿5 million. Sports cars or upscale SUVs might easily cost more over ฿10 million.

Even so, Thailand has comparatively cheap fuel expenses; in 2024, a liter of gasoline will cost between ฿35 and ฿48. Add in other expenses, though, such as insurance, upkeep, and maybe a private driver (between ฿16,000 and ฿47,000 a month).


Premium Ride Services

An effortless and convenient substitute for people who would rather not own a car are premium ride-hailing services like Uber Black or Grab Premium. Usually charging between 20 and 50 percent more than regular taxis, these services offer premium cars and experienced drivers.

Recreation and Health

Many families place high importance on leading healthy lives. Fortunately, Bangkok has an abundance of upscale workout and wellness centers. Read our guide on Staying Active in Bangkok.

Fitness Centers

Fitness centers with excellent facilities include Virgin Active and Absolute You. Modern equipment, well-equipped locker rooms, swimming pools and a variety of sessions, from yoga to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), are what to expect. Monthly memberships at these facilities can cost anywhere from ฿3,000 to ฿5,000.


Health Clubs and Spas

There are several of the most lavish spas in the world in Bangkok. Thai traditional methods are combined with contemporary elegance in treatments provided by establishments like the Mandarin Oriental Spa and the Banyan Tree Spa. Depending on the treatments and spa exclusivity, a two-hour spa package might run you anywhere from ฿3,000 to ฿10,000.


Private Training and Coaching

Parents who want personalized exercise often choose private trainers or coaches. Depending on the trainer's experience and standing, one-on-one yoga classes, personal fitness training, or private tennis lessons should cost between ฿1,500 and ฿3,000 per hour.

Investing in Your Child's Future

One of our primary concerns is often the education of our children. The excellent quality of education and facilities offered at international schools in Bangkok does come with a cost.

Courses and Fees

As with other leading international schools in Bangkok, VERSO International School charges yearly tuition ranging from ฿500,000 to around ฿750,000, depending on the grade level. These costs cover not only academic instruction but also access to cutting edge facilities, technology, and extracurricular activities.

Additional Educational Expenses

Think about the expenses of field trips, extracurricular activities, textbooks, clothes, and technology. These can come to between ฿50,000 and ฿100,000 a year.

World-Class Medical Services

Many people travel to Bangkok for medical tourism because of its highly regarded healthcare system. You'll be close to some of the top hospitals in the area.

Private Hospitals

Hospitals with cutting edge facilities include Bangkok Hospital, Bumrungrad International, and Samitivej. While complex procedures can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of baht, an expert consultation starts at about ฿2,000.


Accessed from: Bumrungrad website

Health Insurance

Most foreigners choose comprehensive international health insurance coverage. Age, coverage, and prior medical issues all have a major impact on premiums, but a family should expect to pay anything from ฿100,000 to ฿200,000 a year.

Leisure and Entertainment

Families with VERSO have an array of upscale entertainment and leisure alternatives in Bangkok.

Cultural Events

Thailand Cultural Centre and Bangkok Convention Center are two of the locations in Bangkok where you will find exceptionally good shows. Depending on the event and the seats, tickets for international concerts, opera, or ballet might cost anything from ฿1,000 to ฿10,000 or more.

Golf and Country Clubs

One common pastime for foreigners is golf. Non-member green fees could go from ฿1,000 to ฿6,000 per round.

Luxury Shopping

With upscale malls like Emporium, Siam Paragon, and IconSiam, Bangkok is a shoppers' dream come true. Both upscale local designers and luxury companies from around the globe are housed in these malls. The shopping experience is unmatched even if import taxes frequently drive up the cost of luxury items relative to their country of origin.


Accessed from: IconSiam website

Living Well in Bangkok

Living in Bangkok as a parent opens a world of luxurious lifestyle, convenience, and cultural richness. The city has everything to satisfy varied tastes, from upscale lodging and fine restaurants to exceptional healthcare and education. Though, like most other places in the world, living expenses have gone up recently, the quality of life and chances for personal development and enrichment make it a good investment.