The 3 Kinds of Touch

The 3 Kinds of Touch

By Student Success Team / January 24, 2023 / Student Success

The Student Success Team recently introduced “The 3 Kinds of Touch” into the Social-Emotional Learning curriculum for all learners at VERSO International School. 

This language is being used across the whole school so our learners know the three kinds of touch as follows:

The Safe Touch-1 The Ouch Touch-2The Uh-oh Touch-1

We are big believers in educating and empowering our learners to keep themselves safe.  Body boundary awareness starts at a young age, and there are many benefits to keeping an open dialogue with children as they grow older.

We began our curriculum by introducing the Rights of the Child timeline from a Thai perspective so every learner from Grade 1 onwards is aware of each age milestone. Age appropriate role-playing scenarios are used to encourage our learners to be in charge of their own body using “My Body, My Rules” and to speak to their trusted adults when they feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

For our younger learners from Grades 1 to 6, we discuss the “Pantasaurous” song from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) and the “5 Easy Rules for Staying Safe,  a very catchy song.


We also discuss with the learners what consent was, how to express their comfort levels and respecting everyone’s choices whilst doing so. 

For our international middle school students in Grade 7 and up, we used the UK Police Tea & Consent video, widely shown around the world, for discussion.

We are grateful to be a part of a caring and safe community that supports open communication and strong socio-emotional learning.  

If any parent has a question, please do not hesitate to email the Student Success Team directly at .