Comic 1

Comic Book Convention

DRIVING QUESTION: How might we use our own ideas of Comic Superheroes to inspire others to learn about Algebra?

In this “Comic Book Algebra”’ unit, learners were introduced to the different text types and purposeful writing to complete narratives that develop real or imagined experiences using effective techniques, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences. Learners were challenged by a comic book ‘publisher‘ to create an engaging and mathematically meaningful comic book that will teach others about algebraic reasoning and mathematical modeling. They explored the imaginary worlds of superheroes in order to generate problems that their favorite characters or created characters might face. They modeled these problems using algebraic expressions or equations and used these ideas to create their own algebra comic books. 

Throughout the project, learners reflected on the ways in which the problems they created in their comic books mirror real-life situations. Using skill-sets of creativity, drawing and character building learned through workshops and field trips, learners considered their end users and prospective audiences when designing their storylines, level of algebra teaching and characters.

Learners also met withThai artists Nachon "Leon" and author & illustrator Pimpattra "Fongnam"who shared their experiences as artists and spoke about the illustrations, character sketching development. They also visited  Bangkok CityCity Gallery to meet and sketch with one of Thailand's most-recognized street artists, Patcharapol "Alex Face" Tangruen to get inspiration for their superheroes and observe a professional artist’s work in action as a potential career pathway.

  • STUDENT All students
  • SUBJECT(S) Math, English Language Arts, Arts
  • DATE  December 2020