BOOK 3-4-3
BOOK 3-4-2

Creating books in response to the needs of their peers

Our C3-4 learners designed, wrote and created storybooks for the EY4-5 learners, as their library books had not arrived yet. This was an opportunity for the class to contribute to the community as part of the unit on Belonging and to be introduced to the design thinking process to guide their research.

The learners began the process by speaking with the EY learners about their preferred topics and themes. To understand their audience better, they  researched different genres of books, creating inspiration boards of features they wanted to include in the books. They also interviewed the EY learning designer to understand the kind of characters appropriate for the EY learners. Through this process, the learners were taught new digital tools to help shape their stories and met with a Thai author to understand the process of writing a book and how authors use different tactics when communicating. They then created prototypes, got feedback and finally reviewed and edited their book. 

The books were revealed during their Showtime where they reflected and celebrated their works with their peers, parents and learning designers before presenting them to the EY learners.


  • STUDENT All students
  • SUBJECT(S) English Language Arts, Art, Technology
  • DATE November 2020