Staying Active in Bangkok: Sports Clubs, Gyms, and Fitness Centers

Staying Active in Bangkok: Sports Clubs, Gyms, and Fitness Centers

By VERSO Communications Team / June 18, 2024 / Living in Bangkok

At VERSO International School, extracurricular activities are equally important in providing an all-around education. The development of healthy bodies and brains depends on sports and physical fitness. The busy city life of Bangkok may make it challenging to choose the ideal sports club, gym, or fitness facility. This article will guide you in figuring out the ideal place to stay active and in understanding the different possibilities.

Where to Exercise in Bangkok?

There are an abundance of choices in Bangkok for working out and maintaining good health. Modern fitness centers and outdoor sports complexes are just two of the things the city has available to everyone. There are many different options to suit your needs whether you're an experienced athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey.

Sports Clubs in Bangkok

Bangkok Sporting Club

Among the oldest and most well-known sports clubs in the city, Bangkok Sports Club was founded in 1901. There are excellent facilities for swimming, squash, and tennis among other activities. Sports enthusiasts of all ages will find this club to be perfect because of its quality instructors and training programs.


Accessed from: Tourism Thailand website

Thai Country Club

Superior golf facilities are available at the spectacular Thai Country Club. Its lush green surroundings and peaceful atmosphere make it the perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The club offers a number of excellent food and beverage options.


Accessed from: The Thai Country Club website

The Racquet Club

Tennis enthusiasts must check out The Racquet Club. This club offers players of all abilities excellent coaching programs in addition to several well-kept tennis courts. A fitness center, squash courts, climbing wall, swimming pool, badminton courts, futsal, Thai boxing and snooker/table tennis/pool are all features of the Racquet Club in addition to tennis.


Accessed from: The Racquet Club website

Facilities for Outdoor Sports

Lumpini Park

For anyone that enjoys outdoor activities, Lumpini Park in the heart of Bangkok is a haven. Ideal for jogging, walking, cycling, and even outdoor fitness sessions is this large natural area. Being active and taking in the beauty of the park is made possible by its tranquil setting and plentiful greenery.


Accessed from: Tourism Thailand website

Benjakitti Park

Exercise enthusiasts can also find their place at Benjakitti Park. Its beautiful surrounds, outdoor exercise equipment, and designated running and cycling lanes make it perfect for an evening workout or jog.


Accessed from: Great Runs website

Gyms and Fitness Centers in Bangkok

Fitness First

Popular worldwide fitness franchise Fitness First has several locations in Bangkok. These state-of-the-art fitness centers offer a wide range of equipment, group exercise classes, and individual instruction. Whether your goals are to lift weights, work out aerobically, or receive professional training, Fitness First has something for you.

Virgin Active

Another well-known fitness center brand in Bangkok is Virgin Active, which offers a variety of class selections and modern amenities. Among the many workout options offered by Virgin Active are yoga, Pilates, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Their knowledgeable instructors and inspiring atmosphere make it a great option for anyone seeking an encouraging exercise group.

Boutique Fitness Studios

Bangkok boasts numerous boutique fitness studios that specialize in different workout styles in addition to large fitness centers. These studios provide focused, customized workouts in anything from barre and spin classes to kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Yoga and Mindfulness Centers

Bangkok offers a thriving yoga and mindfulness scene to anyone looking for a more comprehensive approach to well-being. Numerous yoga styles, meditation sessions, and workshops are offered by Absolute Yoga, YogaSutra Studio, Yogatique Bangkok and Yoga House, among others, to assist you to find inner tranquility and balance.


Accessed from: Classpass website

Outdoor Group Fitness

Bangkok offers many outdoor group fitness activities in addition to inside facilities. These events, which range from public park boot camps to open-air dance sessions, promote a feeling of community while also providing a refreshing change of scenery.

Bangkok Boot Camp

Popular outside fitness program Bangkok Boot Camp combines strength training and functional motions with HIIT. Several public parks in the city host the sessions, which let participants work out hard while enjoying the great outdoors.

Dance Fitness Classes

For those that like to move to the music, Bangkok has a booming dance fitness scene. Among the many styles on offer by studios such as Studio Zoom, Rumpuree World Dance Studio, Urban Dance Studio, Bangkok City Ballet, D Maniac Studio and Groove Studio are Zumba, hip-hop, ballet and K-pop dance. Keeping fit while appreciating the beat and company of a group setting is made easy with these exciting and dynamic workouts.

Health and Safety Considerations

Choosing a gym, sports club, or fitness facility requires careful consideration of health and safety. Seek out facilities that promote good hygiene, provide enough ventilation, and adhere to good health and safety practices.

Keeping Fit in the Big City

Bangkok offers several options for leading an active and healthy life. Classic sports clubs to upscale fitness centers, boutique studios, and outdoor recreational areas—there is something for everyone to enjoy. At VERSO International School, we promote physical activity and make use of the many fitness opportunities in the city for both our students and the wider community. Emphasizing extracurricular activities like sports helps to foster a healthy and balanced lifestyle that advances personal growth and wellbeing.