VERSO’s unique ‘loops’ create a powerful sense of opportunity, freedom, and movement for all students. The loops enable learning to transcend the confined nature of traditional classrooms. Students and teachers work together in a variety of uniquely designed spaces that support independent learning, group work, and full-scale projects, as well as quiet spaces for focused instruction, coaching and mentoring.

    Lower Loop (Early Childhood-Grade 4)

    Lower Loop (Early Years 2 - Grade 4)

    The conceptual design for the Lower Loop (Early Years 2 - Grade 4) was inspired by young children’s sense of discovery and natural curiosity. On the ground floor is a carefully designed Early Years Zone which opens out to the playground and the learning garden. Students from grades 1 through 4 share a purposefully designed suite of flexible classrooms, learning commons, and studio spaces for art, science and design. The Lower Loop also has its own indoor pool and multi-purpose gym.

    Middle Loop (Grade 5-Grade 8)

    Middle Loop (Grade 5 - Grade 8)

    Our Middle Loop (Grade 5 - Grade 8) is designed for the energy and enthusiasm of this unique age-group. It is a building that offers students a wide variety of learning spaces to support not only their different learning styles, but also their social and emotional needs as young adolescents. The Middle Loop includes flexible classrooms, learning commons, active spaces, science labs, maker spaces, and communal areas where larger groups can gather for assemblies, presentations and performances.

    Upper Loop (Grade 9-Grade 12)

    Upper Loop (Grade 9 - Grade 12)

    Our Upper Loop (Grade 9 - Grade 12) offers high school students a sophisticated, college campus-style environment that will inspire them in their passionate pursuit of rigorous academic courses and programs. A wide variety of learning spaces designed to meet these particular needs include flexible classrooms, project spaces, learning commons, university-level science labs, design labs, maker spaces, and various community spaces.



    VERSO has been designed as an ecosystem of buildings and spaces that are both interconnected and interdependent. Our looped campus buildings in Bangkok blend with the natural landscape, creating opportunities for students and teachers to make powerful connections that enhance learning. Our lake is a signature feature of the campus. Not only does it provide a tranquil and scenic aesthetic, it is also a rich resource for teaching and learning.


    An inspirational futuristic campus with uniquely designed looped buildings that offer a wide variety of flexible, agile and innovative learning spaces for students and teachers. VERSO delivers world-class learning facilities that include:

    Athletic Facilities

    Athletic Facilities

    • Olympic-size Swimming Pool
    • Junior Indoor Swimming Pool
    • A 1300-seat gymnasium and Fitness Center
    • Multi-Purpose Indoor Junior Gymnasium
    • 1,000-Seater Indoor Arena
    • Full-Size Grass Soccer Pitch
    • All-Weather Multi-Purpose Training Pitch
    • Tennis Courts
    • Basketball Courts
    Specialist Learning Facilities

    Specialist Learning Facilities

    • Multimedia Suite
    • Band Room
    • Dance Studio
    • Game Design Studio
    • Maker Labs and Fabrication Studios
    • Science Labs
    • Visual Art Studios
    Community Facilities

    Community Facilities

    • Full-School Cafeteria and Dining Facility
    • Parents Lounge & Co-working Space
    • Medical Clinic