Coping Strategies During COVID-19

Coping Strategies During COVID-19

By Student Success Team / September 03, 2021 / Parenting Tips

Looking after our well-being can be challenging, especially during uncertain times with constant changes. It’s even more important now to look after our well-being, so that we stay positive and resilient when facing challenges that may come our way.

Here are some tips from the Student Success Team to help you stay well! 

  1. Exercise (15-30 mins a day).
  2. Practice Gratitude (appreciate the little things in life). 
  3. Sleep (7-9 hours a day).
  4. Get connected (carve out time to spend with friends and family). 
  5. Practice mindfulness (be aware, accept, and let go of thoughts and emotions).
  6. Take frequent breaks (20/20 rule - 20 mins of screen time, 20 secs off). 
  7. Be mindful of your seating posture.
  8. Organize your home learning/working space. 
  9. Set short achievable and attainable goals (to keep motivated).
  10. Stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet. 

Choosing one strategy to practice everyday can help us get started on building good habits for our well-being. There is no better time to start than now!

Check out our Student Success Team’s chosen well-being strategy: 

Mindfulness meditation helps with regulating thoughts and emotions

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet can improve mental health

Recommended Reading: To find out more about scientific strategies on staying resilient, click here for recommendations from the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience.