10 Tips for Parents During Summer Break

10 Tips for Parents During Summer Break

By Mihoko Chida / June 23, 2023 / Learning Designers, Parenting Tips

Get ready to make the most of your summer holidays with these 10 tips - whether you're seeking adventure, quality family time, or relaxation!

1. Establish a Routine: While it's important to have a relaxed schedule during summer, maintaining a basic routine helps provide structure. Set regular morning and bedtime hours and meals. Be sure to designate time for activities, chores, and free play time.


2. Encourage Reading: Summer is a great time for children to explore books of their choice. Create a reading challenge to keep their reading habits active and foster a love for books. Remember that reading together is always popular with children! Here is a list of suggested books for each grade level. 


3. Plan Outdoor Activities: Take advantage of the time and plan outdoor activities. Go for nature walks, visit parks, have picnics, or engage in sports and games. Outdoor activities promote physical fitness and allow children to connect with nature. If you are living near the Bang Na area or close to VERSO, an American international school in Bangkok, there are many places you can take your children to.


4. Explore Hobbies and Interests: Encourage your child to explore their interests and engage in hobbies. It could be painting, crafting, cooking, playing a musical instrument, or learning a new skill. Provide them with the necessary materials or enroll them in summer classes or camps that align with their interests. You can find many opportunities here

5. Limit Screen Time: While it's tempting to let children spend more time on screens during summer, it's important to set reasonable limits. Encourage a healthy balance by providing alternatives like puzzles, board games, art supplies, or outdoor activities. Our learners at VERSO International school in Bangkok love learning about non-screen games!

6. Family Time: Summer break offers an opportunity for quality family time.7795290_3758757 Plan regular family outings, movie nights, game nights, or simple activities like cooking together or going on a day trip. Use this time to strengthen your bond and create lasting memories

7. Volunteer or Give Back: Engage your child in volunteering or community service projects. It helps instill values of empathy, compassion, and social responsibility.24817789_77z_2203_w014_n001_31a_p21_31 Look for age-appropriate opportunities or organize activities as a family to contribute to your community. Our EY4-5 learners recently collected over Baht 43,000 to help the Bangkok Community Help Foundation.

8. Travel and Explore: If possible, plan a family vacation or short trips to explore new places. It could be a nearby city, historical landmarks, or natural attractions. Traveling exposes children to diverse cultures, broadens their horizons, and creates valuable learning experiences. Depending on your child's age, get them to help plan some events.

9. Maintain Learning Momentum: Prevent the "summer slide" by incorporating learning into everyday activities. Encourage your child to practice math through baking or budgeting, explore science concepts through experiments, or learn about different countries during a family dinner night. 

10. Encourage Independence: Allow your child to take on responsibilities and develop independence. Assign age-appropriate chores, teach them life skills like laundry or cooking, or let them plan and organize an event or outing. It boosts their confidence and prepares them for the future. Some families assign a day for their child to plan dinner. They can cook or use the budgeted amount to order food. 

We hope these ideas and discussion prompts help you and your family connect and maximize your time off school.

Have a safe and enjoyable break!

By Mihoko Chida