Game On: How Do Competitive Sports Shape Identity?

Game On: How Do Competitive Sports Shape Identity?

By Chad Walsh / December 01, 2023 / Middle Loop Muster

Competitive sport can shape identity: What team sport can teach us about life...

What a week it has been on planet VERSO - Look 4 Learning, Staff vs Parent Sports Games, Open House, competitive sports, and on and on!

As we celebrate another year of growth and achievement at VERSO, it brings me great pleasure to reflect on the positive impact that competitive sports have had on our learners' lives. Over the past year, we have witnessed not only physical prowess but also a profound transformation in the way our learners perceive themselves as they commit to a sincere passion for basketball. As a basketball coach, I know this firsthand as the U11 boys basketball team practiced all of last year, even after the season had concluded. They wanted to be better and took every opportunity to learn and strengthen their skills.

They were motivated, disciplined and eager to develop their basketball fundamentals and skills. Hard work pays off! We went from losing every game last year to being undefeated and winning the GBAC finals 26-15 in the Championship Game! So what can competitive team sports teach us about ourselves and prepare us for life skills in the future? Well, if you ask me, it is the ultimate teacher!

Engaging in competitive sports provides a unique platform for learners to discover and shape their identities. The challenges and triumphs experienced on the court build character development, fostering qualities such as resilience, discipline, teamwork, and leadership. Through the pursuit of athletic excellence, our learners not only build strong bodies but also forge resilient spirits (learning how to win well and lose with grace) that are essential for success in all aspects of life.

The lessons learned in the sporting arena extend far beyond the boundaries of the game itself. The skills acquired through competitive sports seamlessly integrate with academics, creating a holistic learning experience for our students. The discipline instilled by adhering to training regimens, the ability to work collaboratively within a team, and the understanding of how to overcome setbacks are invaluable assets that positively influence academic achievement.

Research consistently shows that learners engaged in competitive sports demonstrate improved focus, enhanced problem-solving skills, and a heightened capacity for time management and leadership capacity. The very qualities that make a successful athlete—commitment, perseverance, and a growth mindset—are also instrumental in academic pursuits. By participating in competitive sports, our learners are not only preparing for athletic competitions but are also honing essential life skills that will serve them well in the classroom and beyond.

As we applaud the achievements of our young athletes, let us also acknowledge the tremendous impact that competitive sports have on shaping their identities and preparing them for the challenges of life - how to work in a team, communicate, lead, and be strategic.

Congratulations to all the basketball teams that represented VERSO this season. It is incredible what we have achieved in such a short period of time. While our skills and understanding of the game have improved out of sight, what is most impressive is the attitude, passion, and commitment the learners have shown as a result of experiencing such success. We are all so proud of you, and we can't wait for next season. Get out there and keep shooting!

Here are some photos of the U11 boys Championship Game vs ANS


Through the Window I Public Speaking

Mona, G8, is on a Talent Scholarship for public speaking. This is a photo of her presenting to prospective families during our recent Open House where she spoke on "Design Thinking". Mona is an outstanding role model to remind us all of what is possible when you challenge yourself, set goals and make things happen!

Look for Learning

Explore  | ShowTime (Friday 8 December)

We are inviting our parent community to be part of the ML Explore ShowTime. We hope to share "the learning process" with you all. Hope you are able to come and celebrate the learning with us..

Screen Shot 2566-11-27 at 12.16.48-1

Grade 5 Explore Project

As part of the Grade 5 Explore Project “How can mapping my community impact individuals?”, we will be collecting donations for Bangkok Community Help at Winter Fest. Donations can be dropped off at the Grade 5 booth during the event and donation boxes will be available in the HUB until 13 December. We will visit Bangkok Community Help in person to deliver the donations in time for the holidays! 

DONATE NECESSITIES & DRY GOODS / บริจาคสิ่งของจำเป็นและสินค้าแห้ง

  • Shampoo / แชมพู
  • Toothpaste / ยาสีฟัน
  • Soap / สบู่
  • Mosquito Spray / สเปรย์กันยุง
  • Adult Diapers / ผ้าอ้อมผู้ใหญ่
  • Baby Diapers / ผ้าอ้อมเด็ก
  • Formula (step one and two) / นทผงฟอมูล้า (ขั้นที่หนึ่งและสอง)
  • UHT milk for kids / นม UHT สำหรับเด็ก
  • 5 kilo bags of rice / ข้าว 5 กิโล
  • Cooking oil / น้ำมันปรุงอาหาร
  • Canned fish / ปลากระป๋อง
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables / ผักและผลไม้สด
  • Snacks and cookies for kids / ขนมและคุกกี้สำหรับเด็ก
  • Clothes, furniture, and household equipment / เสื้อผ้า เฟอร์นิเจอร์ ของใช้ในบ้าน


Please support this community initiative !


And that's a wrap for the ML Muster!

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Have an excellent weekend hope to see you at Winter Fest 2023.


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