ML Muster: Discover What Your Child is Learning this Quarter

ML Muster: Discover What Your Child is Learning this Quarter

By Chad Walsh / March 29, 2024 / Middle Loop Muster

Through the Window

Snippets of Learning Currently Happening in ML - Learning Designer Voices

In the Middle Loop over the past two weeks, Learning Designers have selected 1 experience each they wish to spotlight and share in this edition of the ML Muster. 

Looking ahead to the next edition of the ML Muster, the spotlight will turn to the learners themselves, offering them a platform to share their perspectives and insights. This initiative is a testament to the value placed on learner voice and agency within our learning community. By inviting learners to articulate their experiences and learnings, we not only validate their contributions but also foster a culture of mutual respect and partnership in the educational process.

This forthcoming edition promises to be a rich tapestry of learner narratives, showcasing their innovations, challenges overcome, and lessons learned. It's an exciting opportunity for learners to take center stage, offering peers, parents, and Learning Designers a window into the diverse learning journeys that unfold within the Middle Loop.

Through this exchange, we anticipate a deeper understanding of the impact of our pedagogical practices and a reinforcement of the community's commitment to nurturing empowered, reflective, and engaged learners.

Stay tuned for the next MUSTER - Learner Empowerment!


Wellbeing| Shanna


The Middle Loop and the junior pool erupted in joyous splashes with their very first Swim Carnival! Laughter echoed as learners from Grades 5-8, newfound water warriors, took center stage. From energetic pool pony races to daring rides on the inflatable, the carnival offered a day full of aquatic adventures. Underwater swimming for distance pushed their limits, while diving for colorful rings tested their focus. Teamwork truly shone during the water basketball competition, with friends strategizing and splashing their way to victory.

It was a morning filled with friendly competition, where every participant emerged a champion, having conquered fears and reveled in the pure joy of swimming. Supporters on the sidelines cheered them on with equal enthusiasm, their shouts of encouragement echoing alongside the happy shrieks of the ML swimmers

Music and Performing Arts| Graham

Screenshot 2567-03-21 at 12.54.30  Screenshot 2567-03-21 at 12.54.41

Screenshot 2567-03-21 at 12.54.45 Screenshot 2567-03-21 at 12.54.35

Our C7-8 learners have been strengthening their connections to the VERSO DNA through the lens of Performing Arts, developing a deeper understanding of themselves through the three pillars and the four mindsets.

We have been exploring our identities as Performing Artists and how the skills we develop will support our identities and help us stand out from the crowd well into the future. Some learners have formed rock bands, others are working independently, and some are teaching their skills to others. Learners are choosing what to learn and learning how to develop skills independently. In short, we are becoming future ready through Performing Arts!

5-6 Learning Lab | Arthur

In our quarter 3 Learning Lab, we focused on preparing our C5-6 learners to become 'future-ready' by enhancing their networking and human impact competencies. This included developing strong research skills, refining interviewing techniques, and understanding the Earth as a living system along with the interconnectivity of its spheres.

Our learners engaged in deep research on the pressing issues facing our planet and its species. Following their initial research, they reached out to "local heroes" in Thailand—individuals actively making a difference in their communities. Our goal was to narrate their inspiring stories, providing our learners with real-world examples of positive change.

Additionally, our learners took direct action to contribute to the betterment of our community. This included participating in Beyond The Walls (BTW) trips, where they planted mangrove trees, actively engaging in environmental conservation and sustainability efforts.

This hands-on approach enriched their learning experience and instilled a sense of responsibility and empowerment to make a difference in the world. A big thank you to Chino’s family for donating two 550 W solar panels! We will use these solar panels to continue to learn about renewable energy and to provide clean energy for our upcoming garden!

Screenshot 2567-03-26 at 11.54.34

Screenshot 2567-03-26 at 11.54.29


Explore | Maria (EAL & Literacy)

This quarter, our 'Guided Explore' theme is 'How can we use creative thinking to improve reading, writing, and vocabulary skills, inspired by the enchanting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?'

We have been reading the book, studying the characters, and working on candy descriptions and designs. We were lucky to have a visit from Khun Sombat, a traditional Thai candy maker.
The learners designed their own inventive candies and wrote about them using descriptive adjectives to describe their shape, color, flavor, and size. Through this, the learners were able to improve their English vocabulary as well as their design thinking skills.

They first sketched their designs, then made their designs in clay, before turning their designs into real candy with Khun Sombat's help. The learners were amazed at his skills as he taught them how to blow, color, cut, and shape the candy. Finally, the learners wrote a descriptive letter and recorded a video for Mr. Wonka, asking him to sell their candy!

Screenshot 2567-03-21 at 12.59.08 Screenshot 2567-03-21 at 12.59.04

7-8 Learning Lab | Dan


5-6 Science Lab | Dex

In our latest classroom project, the C5-6 learners embarked on an exciting venture to create mini ecosystems using two 2-liter bottles.

This hands-on project was designed to illustrate fundamental biological processes such as photosynthesis and cellular respiration, and to provide a real-world context for understanding the carbon, water and nitrogen cycles.

By constructing an aquatic ecosystem in one bottle and a terrestrial environment in the other, and then linking the two, learners could observe the interactions and dependencies that sustain life.

The project not only engaged the learners in applying their knowledge of biology in a practical setting but also encouraged them to think critically about the environment and the importance of ecological balance.

Through daily observations, documenting changes, and analyzing the survival strategies of the organisms within their mini ecosystems, the learners gained a deeper appreciation of nature's interconnectedness.

This activity, reflective of our curriculum's focus on experiential learning, demonstrated the value of hands-on projects in fostering a meaningful understanding of scientific principles.

Chinese Lab | Jack

In the Chinese Lab, the Grade 5-8 learners have been busy working on a project called 'Chinese Legend vs. Western Legend' in small groups based on their proficiency levels.

They are utilizing a Venn diagram, either in digital form or on physical paper, to compare the differences and similarities between a Chinese legendary hero and a Western legendary hero.

I can't wait to see or hear their presentations after they have digitally recorded them on Headrush!

Literacy | Traci

Screenshot 2567-03-21 at 13.06.50 Screenshot 2567-03-21 at 13.06.54

Our C7-8 learners have been working hard on their writing skills by trying out different kinds of essays. They're learning how to write 5-paragraph essays, where they discuss cause and effect, explain concepts in an expository manner, and attempt to persuade others.
It's been exciting to see them dive into these different styles with energy and enthusiasm. With the help of Mr. Josh, they're becoming better at expressing themselves clearly and thinking critically.
When they write cause-and-effect essays, they're figuring out how actions lead to certain results. It's like they're detectives, uncovering how things are interconnected in the world.
When they tackle expository essays, they become experts at explaining things in a simple and straightforward manner. This helps them easily share knowledge with others. When writing persuasive essays, they're learning how to convince people of their ideas.
This is a valuable skill that they'll carry with them into high school and beyond. All these writing experiences are preparing them well for the challenges they'll face as they advance in their academic journey.

Thai Language | Pattawan

Screenshot 2567-03-26 at 09.31.37 Screenshot 2567-03-26 at 09.31.33

Screenshot 2567-03-26 at 09.31.28 Screenshot 2567-03-26 at 09.31.20

In the Thai Pink class this quarter, we're learning more than just Thai grammar.

Learners become writers, crafting stories like skilled artisans.

Every week, the learners come with notebooks overflowing with exciting ideas, ready to dive into the wonderful world of creative writing. The most fun part, of course, is sharing their stories. A little nervousness flutters in their tummies, which is understandable, but one by one, they stand tall, transforming our room into a stage for their imaginations to run wild. As each story unfolds, the class listens intently. We clap politely and offer kind words to help their stories grow even stronger.

So as you see, the Thai Pink class isn't also  just about writing; it's about creating a warm space where stories blossom and every voice is cherished.

Visual Arts | Josh

Screenshot 2567-03-21 at 13.07.58 Screenshot 2567-03-21 at 13.08.04

Kia ora! I’m Mr. Josh and I’m lucky to be here at VERSO, teaching visual arts and other cool things in the magical Middle Loop!

In visual arts this quarter, C7-8 learners are mustering all of their creative energy to create digital and analogue art with the goals of brightening our Middle Loop spaces and building our confidence tinkering with simple machinery. 

Why are these important goals? Creating an environment that reflects the artistry and creativity of our cohort of learners helps us to feel joyful and inspired. Tinkering helps build confidence and problem solving skills, building crucial independence in our learners. 

How is it impacting them? Giving learners the chance to experiment and tinker as creative creators will benefit not only their artistic abilities but also their problem solving skills. As we continue our Cardboard Automata, I expect learners to experience difficulties - just like I did making my sweet cardboard rhinoceros - and to come up with innovative solutions to solve those problems. 

And that's a wrap...
Thank you for reading this edition of the ML Muster. 
Hope to see you around campus!

Best regards,

Middle Loop Team

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