ML Muster: Design Challenge Designing Mascots for VERSO Houses + Q3 VERSO 360s

ML Muster: Design Challenge Designing Mascots for VERSO Houses + Q3 VERSO 360s

By Chad Walsh / April 26, 2024 / Middle Loop Muster

Dear Middle Loop Learners & Families,

One of our big focuses for Q4 is to involve the school community in a Mascot House design challenge. Our goal is to provide different experiences for all learners to be part of our House mascot design. We hope to decide on 4 final designs and share these at the VERSO Touchdown in June.

The purpose of creating a house system is to promote greater unity as we build a diverse community and healthy competition through all the different sporting, creative pursuits, and academic arenas. 

This concept has been piloted in the ML and the VERSONIANS would like to extend this schoolwide to bring us together and help us build identity and belonging.

At VERSO, learners are actively engaged in a design thinking process to create four distinct mascots that embody the core attributes of the school's House system. This innovative project aligns with the four classical elements—Earth, Air, Water, and Fire—each symbolizing a specific VERSO mindset. The design thinking approach encourages students to empathize with the characteristics and values each element represents, fostering a deep connection to the mindsets they embody.

As they progress through the phases of design thinking—empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing—learners collaborate to infuse creativity and relevance into each mascot. This process enhances their understanding of the symbolic significance of each element and empowers them to create mascots that resonate with the community's ethos and DNA. Through this project, VERSO learners are not just designing symbols, but also also cultivating skills in critical thinking, collaboration, and creative problem-solving, embodying the school's commitment to dynamic and progressive education.

This is the first phase and we would like to share some action shots of us beginning this 9-week project.

We want to express our appreciation to Shanna, Garrett, and Gideon for supporting this creative process throughout the school. It takes a village to make it happen.

We will provide updates as this process unfolds, so stay tuned.

House System| Mindsets  Elements

Screenshot 2567-04-22 at 12.36.36

Each cohort was given the design brief and constraints


Community and belonging are something we value. As we build our school community, a House system helps bring us closer together, creates school spirit, and can shape our identity by having fun through sports, creative pursuits, and academics.


How Might We Design 4 Mascots that Embody our DNA to Strengthen Our School Community to Build Greater Unity?


  • We have 4 houses, VERSO mindsets, and elements
  • The colors are purple, red, yellow and blue
  • Connect 1 VERSO mindset to 1 element


  1. We need a democratic way to vote on House Captains
  2. How do we involve a voting system on the best designs
  3. How can we share our process and designs publicly
  4. How can we involve the school community
  5. What opportunities can we provide beyond sports
  6. Develop a system for new learners to balance the size and diverse skills of teams for balance
  7. What House names do we go with and why

Below are our VERSO Mindsets, another great way to bring our DNA to life!


Inspired to Connect is WATER. Water can flow in any direction and often tries to connect with a river, ocean, or lake.

Curious to Explore is WIND. Wind can blow in any direction and can explore every corner of the planet.

Equipped to Transition is EARTH. The Earth can adapt and transition depending on the landscape and environment it is in. 

Driven to Contribute is FIRE. When we add another log on the fire it contributes to the flame that is burning to burn even brighter.


Screenshot 2567-04-22 at 12.39.29

Phase 1 Action Shots| Inspired to Connect

 IMG_5240 IMG_5238





We have many more steps and experiences to design to bring out unique ideas and designs. Again, we want to thank the VERSONIANS for demonstrating the mindset of DRIVEN to CONTRIBUTE to enrich our school community and advocating for this to happen!



Screenshot 2567-04-22 at 12.52.24

We are pleased to inform you that your child’s VERSO 360 Quarter 3 Report has been issued and has been sent to your VERSO email. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before Wednesday 1 May 2024. We will be archiving your child’s VERSO 360 Q3 Progress Report on our database and modifications or revisions cannot be made after this date.

 In the learner reflection for learning lab, we have included a link that will take you to your child’s digital portfolio. Click on the link to view the process of their learning and watch their reflective video too! A great way for the VERSO 360 to come alive.

Please carefully review the contents by referencing the ‘How to Guide’ in your child’s quarterly VERSO 360 Report. This information will outline competency-based education and our assessment criteria of how it all comes together from quarter to quarter and year to year. The final page is an executive summary of your child’s attendance record for quarter 3. The duration for Quarter 3 is from 22 January, 2024 -  29 March, 2024. The attendance for each quarterly report will be cumulative of the total days learners were present for learning.

 Please let us know if you have any questions regarding your child’s quarterly report

Screenshot 2567-04-22 at 13.10.54

Work Experience | C 7-8

In May this year, as a part of the learners’ Explore projects, Cohort 7-8 will be undertaking ‘Work Experience’ as part of their skill-building centered around the Proficiency of Ventures and the Competency of Networking.

This experience will provide an opportunity for learners to demonstrate they can:

  • Establish a partnership with common interests or shared goals
  • Comprehend the significance of mutual interests and goals in forming strong, effective partnerships; and understand how business work in the real world
  • Apply their understanding of shared goals to build and maintain productive partnerships and open up opportunities for the future

Screenshot 2567-04-24 at 16.20.50

Study Club | Now Open 3:00pm - 4:00pm | Mon-Fri

Starting on Monday 29 April we will be providing a supervised Study Club in VERSO Connect, Level 2, The HUB from 3:00pm - 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

The purpose of Study Club is to offer a quiet space for leaners to do work on any of their learning or extra tasks they are given, such as Thai language assigned work. To be part of Study Club there will be a clipboard for sign up outside @hello where the duty supervisor will be from 2:45 - 3:00. This is an important part of the procedure, so the supervisor is aware of who is attending and is responsible for knowing where they are on campus.

 Registration time can happen during the school day and between 2:45pm (at dismissal) and 3:00pm. After 3:00pm registration will close and if the learner is not registered before this time, they must go to pH7 till pick up. Study Club is a dedicated space and time where learners can focus. A learner can be in Study Club for block one (3:00pm - 3:30pm) or block one and two (3:00pm - 4:00pm). If a learner only needs to attend Study Club for block one (3:00pm - 3:30pm), they  can make their way to pH7 and wait till pick up time or 4:00 pm.

Block One: 3:00pm to 3:30pm

Block One and Two: 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Learners cannot register for block two only. If a learner is getting picked up at 3:45pm, they can sign out and head towards the security turnstiles for pick up.

pH7 is still a space that we provide till 4:00pm and that is a supervised space. pH7 is for learners to socialize with friends and play board games till 4:00pm or when they are picked up from the campus.

We hope this space provides an opportunity for learners to focus and continue learning.

That's all there is for this week's MUSTER. See you around campus. Enjoy reading through the VERSO 360s and have yourself a top weekend!

Thank you,
ML Team


Save The Dates

  • 26 April: VERSO 360s to Families

  • 1 May: Public Holiday (National Labor Day)

  • 2-3 May: Reading and Math Assessments for ML

  • 6 May: Public Holiday (Substitute Holiday for Coronation Day)

  • 17 May: 3 Way ConVERSOs