ML Muster: conVERSO Day

ML Muster: conVERSO Day

By Chad Walsh / May 10, 2024 / Middle Loop Muster

3-Way ConVERSOs: Time to Share, Connect and Reflect

Dear Middle Loop Learners & Families,

We would like to invite and welcome parents and learners for a ConVERSO on Friday, 17 May. We are offering a face-to-face ConVERSO or a Google Meet Video Call ConVERSO.

  • There will be NO  lessons or instruction for LL and ML on Friday 17 May
  • There will be NO ECAs for LL and ML learners on Friday 17 May
  • Only UL classes and ECAs will be held as usual
  • ConVERSOs are between LDs, parents/guardians, and learners.
  • Learners will attend and leave the ConVERSOs with parents/guardians.

Once you have selected the appointment(s) that suit you from the Sign-Up link provided below, we will then reach out to confirm your 20-minute or 10-minute ConVERSO slot according to the below four groupings.

For parents who choose to join us in a face-to-face ConVERSO use the room number below and show up 5 minutes before your ConVERSO.

For parents who opt for a video call, you can click on the Google Meet in the Google Calendar invite to access the video.

Whether you book a F2F or video call, each LD you have made the appointment with will email your VERSO email address with a google calendar invite before 3:00pm on Wednesday 15 May.

We need all appointments to be made before 3:00pm, Wednesday 15 May  Learning Designers will confirm after this to secure your desired time slot.

During this ConVERSO, Learning Designers will be driving the ConVERSO to share what learners have been learning and their progress. Learners will also be sharing their learning. This is all part of promoting leadership, building confidence and strengthening communication skills. There will also be time for parents to ask questions and learn more about other labs and workshops.

Please contact the Learning Designer directly if you have any specific questions. 

All email contacts are outlined below.

While this day is a school day, it is not an instructional day for learners. Please join us for your ConVERSO appointment and then your child/ren are to go home with you. If parents have opted for a video call, learners are to stay home. Learners are invited to continue to work on any workshop or lab using the HeadRush task board.

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If you wish to also connect with your child’s single subject Learning Designer, please use the link to secure a 10-minute time slot. All single subject Learning Designers will be available for a 10-minute appointment in a designated room shown in red below.

We encourage all parents to meet with their child’s Community Time LD for C5-6 or Math Lab LD for C7-8 for a 20-minute ConVERSO.

Parents then have the option to also meet other single-subject LDs for a 10-minute ConVERSO.

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Please click on this link and select a time that suits you. The Learning Designer will then confirm your appointment using google calendar.

For single subject appointments please select a time before or after ConVERSO with either Traci, Arthur, Dan or Dex. As Shanna also teaches Well-Being in the Lower Loop, she has a higher contact point than other Learning Designers. Please feel free to email her with any questions you have about Well-Being in the Middle Loop.

Community Time Links - 20-minute appointments (COMPULSORY)

Alan Dexter --> Click HERE
Arthur Hall   --> Click HERE
Dan Hyman --> Click HERE
Traci Toothman --> Click HERE
Single-subject Links - 10-minute appointments (OPTIONAL)
Graham Baines --> Click HERE
Jack Zhao   -->  Click HERE
Maria Pannakan --> Click HERE
Pattawan Panchai --> Click HERE
Once you have clicked on a link, you will need to use you VERSO email address to sign in and then click "continue".
Below is the view you will see after clicking on one of the above links to book a time with a Learning Designer.

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After you have signed in, you then select a time slot that works best for you from what is available. Please take note of the speech cloud icon below that has been identified by the red box.

You will need to click on the speech cloud and either state F2F or Video Call in the comment box.

This will help the Learning Designer make the necessary arrangements for your ConVERSO time. Click on the green "Sign Up button" to secure your ConVERSO

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If you are unsure of what to do to sign up, please contact your child's Community Time Learning Designer for support.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all on the day to share, connect and celebrate.

And that's a wrap...

Thank you for reading this edition of the ML Muster. 
Hope to see you around campus!


Best regards,

Middle Loop Team

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