Upper Loop Updates: Graduation, Course Selection, & ShowTime!

Upper Loop Updates: Graduation, Course Selection, & ShowTime!

By Jarret Voytilla / June 10, 2024 / Upper Loop Updates, Learning Designers
Our VERSOnians organized a heartfelt celebration for our first generation of graduate citizen designers, with participation from all UL learners and LDs. 

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Dear Upper Loop Families and Learners,


Course Selection for 2024-2025

  • If your learner will be in G10-12 next year, please check with them about their Four Year Plan to Graduation!  
  • We have sent home course selection hard copies called Four Year Plan to Graduation already for parental approval.  
  • Once you have approved your learner’s courses for next year, kindly sign the hardcopy and have your learner return the document to Greg, our college counselor by 12 June.
  • Many G11 & G12 learners have completed some of their credit requirements, however, we want to ensure that families have an opportunity to discuss learners’ choices before confirming individual timetables
  • For example, do you want your learner to study Math or Science in G12, even if they have completed their minimum 3 Math credit requirement?
  • Not having 4 years of Math or Science could impact university opportunities if your learner is interested in pursuing a STEM program after VERSO. Take time to investigate what your child’s prospective universities expect from their applicants. 

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Evolution of UL Program for 2024-2025

  • There are some significant updates to the UL program for the next academic year
  • Classes will begin at 8:00am for all UL learners
  • Classes will end at 3:00pm for all UL learners
  • This change in timing is to better align with the other loops, and allow our UL learners more access to ECA’s and sporting events
  • There are also new electives on offer for 2024-2025 for G10-G12.  Please review your learner’s Course Selection to approve their choices.
  • An advanced math pathway for new G10s is now available
  • New core classes in Art & Design and Science in G9 and G10
  • Power Hour and UniVERSOlly Well will combine forces to integrate health education
  • Learning Labs will extend from one quarter to one trimester to give students more time to engage in their projects and for LD’s to design a wider range of opportunities for learners
  • There will be the potential for G11 and G12 students to augment their Explore schedule with a course from a virtual provider, and we are currently exploring partnerships with wide ranges of course options.   
  • Onboarding Slide Deck for new G9s! [Current G8 families]

ULtimate ShowTime Update

  • Please join us for ULtimate Summer ShowTime right before the Touchdown event. 

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UL Graduation Lunch Celebration

  • Our VERSOnians organized a heartfelt celebration for our first generation of graduate citizen designers, with participation from all UL learners and LDs. 
  • The event featured special messages from a VERSOnian representative, Upper Loop Leader, and G11 learners, Nalin & Nicky, honoring the achievements of our graduates. 
  • To commemorate this milestone, each graduate received a beautiful custom VERSO varsity jacket
  • The program concluded with a joyful pizza feast, bringing everyone together in a moment of shared pride and celebration.
  • Thank you very much VERSOnians for your generosity!!


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UL Graduation Celebration is this Friday 14 June!

  • Early dismissal at 3:00pm is available for Upper Loop Learners!
  • Live stream of the ceremony on VERSO Facebook and LINE
  • Celebrate our first global citizen designers!

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By Jarret Voytilla