HoS Highlights: Halloween Dress Code for VERSO

HoS Highlights: Halloween Dress Code for VERSO

By Ryan Persaud / October 11, 2023 / Head of School Highlights


Halloween Dress Code for VERSO

Dear VERSO Learners & Families,

In the spirit of promoting a fun, inclusive, and safe environment, we've established the following guidelines for Halloween attire at our school. We encourage all learners, staff, and parents wishing to participate and express their creativity within these parameters:

1. Costume Themes
Please choose positive, fun, and creative themes for your costumes. Consider favorite book characters, animals, mythical creatures, historical figures, or inanimate objects.

 2. Weapons & Imitation Weapons
NO weapons or imitation weapons of any kind are allowed, even if they are clearly fake or part of a costume. This includes, but is not limited to swords, knives, and guns.
3. Offensive Language & Imagery
Costumes should not include any offensive or inappropriate language, symbols, or gestures. 
This also means avoiding costumes that could be seen as mocking or making light of serious issues, controversial figures, or sensitive topics such as politics, war, and violence.

4. Social & Cultural Sensitivity
Please avoid costumes that might be considered culturally or socially insensitive, appropriative, or that could be seen as mocking or demeaning another person's race, religion, culture, or heritage. 
Outfits should not make fun of/insult or appropriate religion, sexual orientation, gender, or cultural heritage.

5. Group Costumes
If dressing up as a group, all themes and individual costumes should adhere to the above guidelines. Themes should be inclusive and positive.

6. Masks & Face Coverings
For security reasons, full-face masks are discouraged. If your costume includes a mask, please be prepared to remove it during class or if asked by school staff.

7. Modesty
All costumes should adhere to the school's regular dress code in terms of coverage. This means no overly revealing outfits and ensuring that all appropriate areas are covered.

8. Safety First
Costumes should not pose any tripping hazards, so keep in mind the length of any gowns or capes.
If makeup is used, please ensure it's safe for the skin and avoid designs that might scare the youngest members of our school community.

For our younger learners: 

Ensure that the costume your child wears to school is designed in a way that allows them to go to the bathroom without any assistance. 
We kindly request that you avoid sending your child to school in a costume that they may struggle to get out of should removing it become necessary.
This consideration is essential to ensure their comfort and well-being throughout the day.
9. Accessories
Accessories should be safe and not obstruct vision or movement. This means considering the length of scarves, the size of hats, and other additions.

10. Final Note
The main objective is to enjoy the festive spirit of Halloween in a positive and respectful manner. When in doubt, err on the side of caution or ask a Learning Designer.

We look forward to seeing your creative costumes and celebrating together in a way that respects and values all members of our school community!

Best regards,

Ryan Persaud
Head of School