HoS Highlights: WASC Findings, VERTEX, and Sports Updates

HoS Highlights: WASC Findings, VERTEX, and Sports Updates

By Ryan Persaud / May 17, 2024 / Head of School Highlights

Dear VERSO Community,

We had a very busy week, with many exciting activities occurring here at VERSO. I would like to start by congratulating the entire community for all of their efforts this past week with the WASC team accreditation visit. Here are a few highlights from the visiting committee report:

  1. Students, parents, and staff can articulate what the school’s purpose statements are and how they apply to their lives at VERSO.
  2. The facilities are aligned with the school philosophy, safe, well-maintained, beautiful, and fit for purpose
  3. The staff are qualified, passionate, and are living the mission and vision of the school.
  4. Professional staff actively collaborate to integrate educational research into their planning and instructional practices.
  5. Students are engaged in higher-level learning activities that foster critical thinking, the application of knowledge, and agency.
  6. Comprehensive child protection policies and procedures, aligned with international standards and local context.

The next steps for the leadership team will be to analyze the report sent from WASC and incorporate that information into the School Wide Action Plan, to be released in August.


G12 Vertex Presentations

VERTEX is an annual independent research initiative where G12 learners delve deeply into a subject they're passionate about. Throughout the year, they hone key skills such as research, critical thinking, project management, and communication by collaborating with mentors and effectively managing their time.

As the culmination of their educational journey at Upper Loop, VERTEX symbolizes the peak of each student's growth and readiness for the future, preparing them for both higher education and professional endeavors.

Please come support our learners as this exciting journey comes to an end. Dates of their presentations are below.


U11 Football Tournament

This past Wednesday, VERSO held an Under 11 Football Tournament featuring learners aged 8-11 years of age. It was great to see so much action out on the field. There were 6 boys teams, and 2 girls teams in total. WCIB, BCB, Aster, S107, SISB, and VERSO. WCIB took first place for the boys while BCB won the girls match that ended in a penalty shootout after a tie in 5 quarters of play. Congratulations to all the players involved!




LL and ML conVERSOs

Today we had our Lower and Middle Loop ConVERSOs. Thank you to all those parents and families who were able to attend. It is wonderful to see so many of you engaged in your child's learning. If you were not able to attend please follow up with your child's Learning Designer to reschedule an appointment. Additionally, please keep in mind that should you ever want to discuss your child's learning, you can reach out to their Learning Designers to do so.



Please  be reminded that our very first Graduation will be taking place on Friday, 14 June. Information will be forthcoming regarding attending the event and live streaming. Additionally, our Touchdown event will be held on Tuesday, 18 June. Once again, stay tuned for more details for our final celebration of the year. 

Best regards,

Ryan Persaud

Head of School


Important Dates

    • 27 May: World Bee Day at VERSO (Dress in colors of black or yellow)
    • 3 June: HM Queen Suthida's Birthday (School Holiday)
    • 14 June: Class of 2024 Graduation
    • 17 June: Q4 UL VERSO 360 Report
    • 18 June: Q4 LL and ML VERSO 360 Report
    • 18 June: Touchdown: End of School Year Celebration event