Creating Creatures as Characters

Creating Creatures as Characters

By VERSO Communications Team / September 08, 2021 / Lower Loop Latest

Our 3-4 cohort students are currently working on a literacy project on mythical creatures of ancient Greece and comparing it to Thai historic folklore. This examination is undertaken in order to help students learn more about culture and the world around us.

Applying the design thinking to this process, our learners are currently in the Uncovering and Interpreting stage where they are being introduced to the fundamentals of grammar, outlining, imagery, voice, setting, and character.

With the Play-doh students got from their learning boxes, they were asked to imagine and create a creature to use as a character in their story.\

Witness some of the creativity and inventiveness learners brought to the first part of this writing exploration.

Creature 8Creature 9Creature 1

Creature 10Creature 3Creature 7

Creature 2Creature 4