HoS Highlights: VERSO IGNITE-Venture Center Experience Day

HoS Highlights: VERSO IGNITE-Venture Center Experience Day

By Ryan Persaud / March 22, 2024 / Head of School Highlights

VERSO Venture Center Experience Day

On 14 February, we had Rusydi Khairul, the CEO of Reactor School Singapore at our campus here for a coffee morning to introduce the concept of the VERSO Venture Center (VVC). The parents were so engaged during this session, that it turned into an extended design thinking session with Rusydi where a variety of ideas were explored for VERSO. Using that event as a launching pad, we are hosting our first event as part of the VVC on Saturday 27  April at VERSO. The name of the event is VERSO IGNITE: Venture Center Experience Day, as we hope to ignite the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in our learners.

[VERSO IGNITE 2024] General Event Poster — Parents, Just Info 

The VERSO IGNITE: Venture Center Experience Day is a chance for learners to dive into a day designed to spark the entrepreneurial flame within. Witness innovation at their booths, engage in transformative conversations, and be part of our thriving entrepreneurial community. There will also be sessions for parents on how to encourage and support your children in their innovative pursuits. This is open to VERSO and non-VERSO learners and families!

SPECIAL: As VERSO families, you get to enjoy special-priced tickets by clicking here

VERSO Learner's Music on Spotify!

As part of the Grade 12 curriculum, our learners take on a VERTEX project. This is a year-long thesis project. For one of our G12 learners, Pan Pan, this project involves his research into music, production, and performance. Additionally, he is writing his own music and has released one song on Spotify as a promotion to his album. To listen, click here.

Other VERTEX projects will be highlighted in the coming weeks, and there will be opportunities for our community to engage with our learners.

Pan Pan

Universities Offers Continue to Roll in

Our graduating class continues to impress us all as the college and university acceptances continue to roll in. We are now up to 40 acceptances for our graduating class. We are so excited for what is to come for our first graduating class!

Universities Offer_6MAR-1


Save The Date for Songkran Celebrations

On Friday 5 April, we will have our Songkran event at VERSO. We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to join us in celebrating Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year festival, at VERSO. This vibrant event symbolizes new beginnings, and we aim to embrace and share the joyous spirit of Songkran with our diverse international community.

The day will be filled with a range of activities that pay homage to Songkran traditions, including water play, Thai cultural performances, and a delightful selection of Thai cuisine to savor. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our learners and their families to learn about and experience the rich cultural heritage of Thailand in a fun and interactive setting.


The next Open House, and the last one of the year is scheduled for 24 April. We are excited to once again share our beautiful campus and learning spaces with the wider community. If you know anyone who might be interested in VERSO, please share this opportunity with them to learn more about us.

AW Open House 24 APR24-02_0-1

Last but not least, please continue to monitor and take care of your health during poor air quality days and the extreme heat. We are closely monitoring the air quality, temperature, and humidex levels multiple times throughout the day. Outdoor exposure will be adjusted accordingly, in order to keep our learners safe.

Thank you for reading this week's HoS Highlights. Have a good weekend!

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Ryan Persaud

Head of School


Important Dates

  • 27 March: Coffee Morning for ML & UL: Digital Safety, AI and Data Protection by Dr. Rolly Maiquez
  • 3 April: UniVERSOtea: Careers in 2030 by Greg Mason
  • 5 April: Schoolwide Songkran Celebrations
  • 8-16 April: Songkran Break
  • 24 April: VERSO Open House
  • 27 April: VERSO IGNITE: Venture Center Experience Day