Lower Loop Latest - Embark on a Journey of Discovery

Lower Loop Latest - Embark on a Journey of Discovery

By Cushla Jones / November 17, 2023 / Lower Loop Latest, Learning Designers

It's been an incredible fortnight filled with exploration and play here at VERSO. Our learners have been on some thrilling adventures, and we're excited to share the highlights with you in this edition of Lower Loop Latest.unnamed (22)


Greetings, Lower Loop families!

It's been an incredible fortnight filled with exploration and play here at VERSO. Our learners have been on some thrilling adventures, and we're excited to share the highlights with you in this edition of Lower Loop Latest.

In our continuous journey at VERSO, we take pride in preparing our young minds to confidently navigate the ever-changing world around them. Our school ethos emphasizes not only future-ready excellence but also the development of essential life skills and positive mindsets.

Recently, we've noted a few instances of language that doesn't quite align with our shared values of respect and positivity. In the spirit of openness and growth, we're reaching out to you for support. Your role as an influencer in your child's life is pivotal in reinforcing the importance of positive communication. Language is a powerful tool in human interaction, enabling the expression of ideas and emotions. As children learn the meanings of words, they may experiment with language, including swear words. Parents play a crucial role in teaching kids about the impact of words and guiding them on appropriate language use, especially in social settings. 

Would you mind taking a moment to discuss with your child the significance of using respectful language with both peers and educators? This aligns seamlessly with our collective mission to create a nurturing and empowering environment.

Psychologist Jennie David emphasizes empowering kids to choose words wisely, fostering meaningful communication. For more information please explore this link further.

Our goal is to maintain a positive atmosphere that resonates with the ethos of VERSO, where every student feels empowered to thrive. Your partnership in achieving this is not only valued but integral to our community's success.

Should you have any questions or thoughts on this matter, please feel free to reach out. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to making VERSO a place where our students not only excel academically but also develop the character and communication skills to confidently face the world around them.

There is much to celebrate in this edition. Read on to fill up on all of the positive ways in which our learners have been engaging in the world around them and sharing joyful experiences with their friends and classmates. Our Book Fair ended today - thank you for dropping by and adding more books to your home reading library. Now let's get to it!


EY2-3 Diwali Festival

This quarter, the EY 2-3 learners are exploring various holidays and celebrations. Ms. Tinny visited our class to teach us about Deepawali (Diwali), the Indian New Year celebration known as the "Festival of Lights". To prepare for the celebration, the EY 2-3 learners dyed rice in different colors to create rangolis, colorful patterns typically made outside homes in India. Rangolis symbolize happiness, positivity, and the liveliness of a household, welcoming Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good luck.

The learners also painted their own diyas, clay candles representing the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Ms. Tinny invited a friend to join her in painting Mehndi patterns, also known as henna, on our learners' hands. Mehndi is associated with positive spirits and good luck. She also shared some Indian samosas and sweet treats with the learners. Yummy! The EY 2-3 learners had a super fun morning celebrating Diwali with their parents, friends, and Learning Designers!





EY4-5  Redesign of our EY Play Space

Our EY4-5 learners have been exploring the concept of community and were inspired to connect with members within our VERSO community. In response to a challenge set by Mr. James, our EY2-3 Learning Designer, our learners enthusiastically undertook the task of redesigning our shared play space. The goal was to create an inclusive environment where both cohorts could engage in safe and enjoyable play. Eager to meet this challenge, the EY4-5 learners navigated the design process, resulting in the transformation of the space into a transportation-themed area. They crafted a gas station, various vehicles, a fire station, and a mechanic shop for the shared play area. On Monday, the EY4-5 learners shared this newly designed space with EY2-3, and all learners were excited to play together!





Beyond The Walls: C1-2 Snake Farm Visit 

The C1-2 learners had an exceptionally thrilling day at the snake farm! They marveled at a diverse array of real-life snakes, including rattlesnakes, king cobras, and giant pythons. The highlight was witnessing the mesmerizing process of venom extraction from snake fangs.

To further enrich their understanding, the learners explored a museum that unveiled the intricate anatomy of snakes, their bone structure, and the mesmerizing development process inside an egg. This immersive trip not only expanded their knowledge of reptiles and snakes but also provided valuable experiences that will undoubtedly enhance our Learning Lab endeavors moving forward.




Beyond The Walls: C3-4 National Science Museum 

The driving question for this Learning Lab is, "How do living things impact the world, and how does the world impact living things?" Throughout various activities and explorations, C3-4 delved into a range of topics. The recent BTW trip to the National Science Museum and the Rama IX Museum has played an important role in supporting students' understanding of different science- and social studies-related concepts. These include Thailand's geography and geology, weather and climate, pollution and clean energy, responsible agriculture, and more!

During the visit, our learners had the opportunity to inquire into these topics, supporting their understanding and enabling them to reflect on their various communities’ practices. This, in turn, will help them come up with deeper questions and more informed ideas for solutions to both local and global problems.

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Crazy Hair and Color Sock Day!

A massive high-five to each and every one of you for diving headfirst into the wacky world of Crazy Hair and Sock Day! Your wild and imaginative styles turned our school into a playground of colors and laughter. Thank you for unleashing your creativity and making the day a riot of fun. Your energy is contagious, and we can't wait for the next round of craziness and laughs together. Keep being your fantastic, funky selves!




By Cushla Jones