Lower Loop Latest - Exploring Multiple Paths

Lower Loop Latest - Exploring Multiple Paths

By Mihoko Chida / November 07, 2022 / Lower Loop Latest, Learning Designers

Last week was full of events in the Lower Loop!

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Last week was full of events in the Lower Loop!

VERSO 360 Reports

You should have also received your child's VERSO 360 report via email on Friday. If you have any questions, please get in touch with your child's Learning Designer. If you notice an error, please email me before 9 November. 

College and University Information Session

Many of you are already thinking about plans beyond VERSO for your child(ren)! Your children are still forming their identities and determining a single path for your child will prevent them from finding their own journey in life. However, we understand the need to stay informed, so we hosted a session about how the Upper Loop prepares our learners for their journey beyond Grade 12. There was also a brief introduction to the different university systems. We recognize multiple paths and feel that finding the best fit is important. You can find the presentation here. Our Upper Loop works hard to ensure that each family has the support they need to navigate this journey. 

Early Years

On Friday, EY2-3 and EY4-5 enjoyed riding their bicycles and scooters on campus. The weather was perfect for them to explore our campus and develop their gross motor skills. The EY4-5s also had a special lesson with Mr. Raul, who taught them about being a Stand Up Paddleboard designer. 


C1-2 Showtime and Beyond the Walls Trip (by Myshi)

It has been an exciting week for Cohort 1 and 2. On Wednesday, they hosted a SHOWTIME for parents where they showcase a space that they had designed. Parents were so engaged and enjoyed taking part in the activities their children had designed. On Friday, they went on their second Beyond The Walls trip to Moori Moori farm, where they got to make pizza! This trip was linked to their Maths unit on Shapes, Fractions, Time, and Money - what a fun way to tie shapes and fractions together! As a bonus, they got to buy food for the animals and feed them.



C3-4 Influence Unit (by Ronen)

To sum up their Influence DQ, “How might we use our power of influence for good causes?”, the 3-4 cohort has held a Show Time event in which learners chose a skill and an audience, and used their power to positively influence others to deliver a variety of workshops to learners from C1-2 and C5-6. Drawing, Slime making, gymnastics, design on Minecraft, animation and editing, and invisible ink were but a few of the workshops delivered. Parents, siblings, learning designers and administrators participated in this project celebration! The C3-4 cohort design team is now preparing for another exciting Project Based Learning (PBL) unit, focusing on how masks and dances can be used to share important messages with the world.


By Mihoko Chida