Upper Loop Updates - Learning Labs and Upcoming Exhibition

Upper Loop Updates - Learning Labs and Upcoming Exhibition

By Jarret Voytilla / October 12, 2023 / Upper Loop Updates, Learning Designers
We have a few exciting updates to share with the community this week from our amazing team of Learning Designers.

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Learning Labs 

F.E.A.R. (Functional Emotional Animated Robots) LeLab

The F.E.A.R. LeLab concluded this week with learners completing their animatronic design builds at a prototypical stage. Through their designs, you can see the general features of the characters and the emotions they display. With more time, refinement on aesthetics and mechanical considerations could be made. Learners had to review the amount of time remaining and make decisions on what to include and how to adapt as they concluded the previous week. Most learners had to eliminate some intended functions, mechanisms, and/or emotional expressions intended in their original design, however, in most designs, functioning mechanisms that display a general sense of their character’s emotion remain. 

The learners were challenged by their mechanical and electrical understanding as well as the complexities of coding to program their designs. With these complexities come moments of perseverance and success with most learners finding some areas to be proud of as their ideas formed to address these challenges. You can find these models on display throughout the Upper Loop. If you want to see them move, speak to the learners who have created the designs and/or LDs Matt and Thomas.

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We cordially invite you to experience The FAB Show, our inspiring learners' fabric exhibition at Connect, Level 2, The Hub from 24 October - 24 November 2023 as we celebrate the culmination of our students' cultural exploration and creative expression journey. Witness their progress and immerse yourself in the beauty of their final masterpieces.



Last week we had a visit from the University of British Columbia, and this week we will have Berklee College of Music and the University of Toronto visit the Upper Loop. More universities from Canada and Thailand will visit us after the October break. Parents are welcome to join.  

Our learners are about to engage in projects about unhealthy relationships and sexuality education for parents (their choice). We will have podcasts and videos for teens to educate Asian parents in the coming weeks. 


Uni visit


Upcoming Career & University Guidance Talk

You are invited to join our Career and University Guidance Counselor Greg Mason on Wednesday, 1 November, 8:00am - 9:00am, at the uniVERSOtea morning on Applying to North America to learn about the application process in Canada and the United States. Greg will go over the terminology related to application deadlines, parts of the application, and the timeline for applying and getting our results.

On Wednesday 15 November from 9:00am - 9:40am, Greg will conduct a Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) Walkthrough.

Learner Clubs

VERSO’s Environmental Club

The UL Environmental Club student leaders and Middle Loop learners had the opportunity to join The United Nations Environmental Programme’s Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Rights in Asia conference. Check out the streaming here, with Prim and Selina asking questions to the panel from 6:07:57 onwards!

“Four remarkable panelists from different countries shared their perspectives on the importance of youth entrepreneurs and innovators in shaping the future of sustainability. Among them, Louis, the founder of the cocoa project, left a lasting impression on me, emphasizing that the foundation of future businesses lies in sustainability. At the end of the conference, I had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Louis about the challenges that young entrepreneurs currently face. Louis provided a positive perspective on the situation, stating that even though young entrepreneurs encounter challenges related to age and experience, people are generally more understanding of the mistakes we make, so we should take the first step and start building credibility! This conference has undoubtedly deepened my understanding of the significance of youth in sustainability and inspired me to take meaningful action in this domain.” - Moe Moe G12

“At the conference, I was astonished at the level of professionalism but at the same time, the friendly atmosphere as the panelists shared their thoughts on how consumers can vote with their money when buying products and how they want more youth involved in decision-making regarding environmental rights. I was selected to ask a question: "What is the very first step youth can take to become more involved in the sustainability corporate world?" Their answer was to learn more about the topic to get more involved and to just start. I am eternally grateful for this wonderful opportunity that branched my connections with people in the field I'm interested." - Prim, G12

United Nations


By Jarret Voytilla