Upper Loop Updates: Q3 Begins. Farewell April, Welcome May!

Upper Loop Updates: Q3 Begins. Farewell April, Welcome May!

By Jarret Voytilla / April 26, 2024 / Upper Loop Updates, Learning Designers

We have a few updates to share with the community this week from our amazing team of Learning Designers

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Dear Upper Loop Families and Learners,

We have a few updates to share with the community this week from our amazing team of Learning Designers.


Family ConVERSOs

  • Please contact your child’s Advisor if you have any questions or concerns about the Quarter 3 VERSO 360 report, or anything else!
  • Your Advisor will help to organize any parent-LD meetings that you wish to have
  • These meetings can be arranged online via video call for your convenience, or face to face here on campus.

Family Vacations

  • Family vacations are great and help learners strengthen their family connections and decompress from academics.
  • We are noticing that often some of these vacations are during school time.
  • From a holistic perspective, we would like to advise against planning family vacations [classified as unexcused absences according to our Family Handbook] during the school program.
  • Specialty Labs such as Math, Research, and AP classes are challenging to get caught up in, especially when multiple days are missed in a row.
  • Learning Labs are even more difficult to catch up in because they are 9-week projects that are designed as a sequence of phases that build upon each other.
  • When a learner misses out on significant amounts of project time, especially with short notice, their learning progression becomes disrupted and sometimes even derailed. 
  • This has a negative impact on learning and, therefore by extension, grades.
  • If a family vacation is unavoidable, please make contact with your learner’s Advisor as soon as possible so that we can help the learner design a strategy to minimize the impact of the loss of class time. 


Update on University Offers

University Offers V2_22APR-01_0

Special Announcement by G12 learner Prim

  • The Neptune's Cup sponges are critically endangered and need your help in conservation! 
  • As part of their senior design thesis, called VERTEX, Prim is working with Thai Ocean Academy, collecting GPS coordinates of each sponge, attaining growth measurements, and collecting ecological data that will support the sponges' conservation.
  • However, this vital data comes with costs for the manpower and boat. 
  • If you believe in repopulating a rare species whose highest population density is right here in our home of Thailand like we do, then please consider sponsoring a sponge by clicking here. 
  • You'll get to earn e-certificates personalized with your name and chosen sponge, sponge sticker sheets, keychains, and holographic sticker sheets depending on the amount you donate!


Learning Lab

Storytelling: Power & Perspectives

(with Yi Lin, Heidi, & Michael)

Driving Question

Why do stories matter - how and why do we tell these stories?

Overview of Project

  • Learners in this lab are learning how to interview people to hear their stories and determine how to best convey their stories to others.
  • They will also learn to program to build their own website so they develop an understanding of the back end of the internet that most people don’t see.
  • The final product will be a student built website that holds stories of Thana City through photos, videos, articles, and headlines

Credits Offered: Computer Science and Journalism

What Makes this Lab Future-Ready?

  • We study both the old and the new.
  • In what ways has the core of storytelling remained the same throughout the ages in a way that engages humans that will remain the same in the future?
  • In what ways has the way we tell stories changed with advances in technology and how can we adapt our storytelling to make use of these technologies.

BTW Trip

  • We were able to tour the BBC office to see where the journalistic magic happens.
  • Learners had the opportunity to engage with correspondents Panu Wongcha-um (Reuters) and Jonathan Head (BBC) to gain insights into the journalistic process
  • Through dialogues with individual journalists, learners delved into the methods employed to develop compelling narratives and examined the potential influence of news organizations on storytelling perspectives. 
  • From this experience, learners will develop their storytelling abilities, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of communication and narrative construction.


Learning Lab

Ice Cream Dreams (with Matt & Chrissy)

Driving Question

How can we leverage the principles of chemistry to craft unique and delicious flavors in our own ice cream businesses, while also mastering the essential entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed in the competitive dessert market?

Overview of Project

  • Learner’s embark on a flavorful journey merging ice cream chemistry and entrepreneurship.
  • They begin by understanding the chemistry behind ice cream, exploring ingredients and their roles in texture and flavor, while also analyzing customer preferences.
  • Delving into flavor prototyping, learners experiment with unique flavor combinations, learning about natural and artificial flavoring agents.
  • Moving onto business planning, they craft comprehensive plans covering pricing, supply chain, and revenue projections.
  • During the marketing phase, learners develop strategies to promote their products effectively, honing branding and customer engagement skills.
  • Finally, in sales week, they put their plans into action, setting up pop-up stands and analyzing sales data to inform future decisions, highlighting the integration of chemistry and entrepreneurial skills throughout the project.

Credits offered: Chemistry and Entrepreneurialism 

What makes this Lab Future-Ready?

  • Learners develop a range of entrepreneurial skills by engaging in a real life venture.



Gus Damn Guss

Research Lab A (with Chrissy)

  • Our current project has the driving question: How can we create our own fusion dish representative of two cultures?

  • Learners explore the blend of culinary traditions from diverse cultures. They research the origins and evolution of fusion cuisine, considering factors like migration and globalization.

  • Analyzing specific dishes, they examine ingredients, techniques, and cultural influences, while also addressing questions of authenticity and respect to reinforce cultural appreciation rather than appropriation.

  • Learners will present their findings in different ways including essays, pitches, cooking demonstrations, and a collaborative food magazine showcasing their understanding of the cultural, historical, and social dynamics of fusion cuisine.

  • Through this project, they deepen their appreciation for global culinary diversity and gain insights into the complex interplay of culture, identity, and innovation in food.

Research Lab B (with Chrissy)

  • Our current project has the driving question: How do debates and media analysis shape our global perspectives on controversial issues?
  • Learners explore the interplay between debates, media analysis, and our global perspectives on controversial issues.
  • They are embarking on a journey of researching topical issues and analyzing their portrayal across various media platforms.
  • Through engaging in argumentative essays, they refine their critical thinking and communication skills, honing their ability to articulate and defend their viewpoints effectively.
  • Additionally, active participation in debates enriches their understanding by exposing them to diverse perspectives and fostering respectful discourse.
  • Culminating in the creation of a "Controversy Gallery," this project empowers individuals to navigate complex issues with empathy, insight, and informed perspectives.


Research Lab C (with Yi Lin)

  • G11 learners are wrapping up the Lord of the Flies book this week and beginning a new Driving Question “How has humanity survived and may continue to survive as a collective species on this planet?”
  • The main text of the class will be “Humankind: A Hopeful History” by Rutger Bregman which would offer learners a starting point of case studies to create their outputs to address the driving question.

VERTEX (with Gideon & Thomas)

Brace yourselves for events showcasing our senior learners’ creativity, talent, and insights as they unveil their VERTEX projects! 

  • Prim started her journey with a talk on the rediscovery and conservation of Neptune’s Cup Sponge on April 2nd at King’s College. Catch Prim at the Thai Dive Expo at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center on May 16-19, where she’ll spotlight her project and fundraising initiatives.
  • Step into the future of fashion with Moe Moe’s "INTERCONNECT: Modular Fashion for a Sustainable Style" exhibition, at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), 5th floor, from 28 May - 2 June.
  • Be moved by Pan Pan’s musical journey, which reflects pivotal life moments and beloved musical genres, in a mini-concert at the Goethe-Institut on 29 May.
  • Witness Kyoka’s art activism project, a reimagination of an inclusive future through the stories of the LGBTQIAN+ community, at the Broccoli Revolution, Charoen Krung Branch, from May 28th to June 9th.
  • Explore the world of Thai Superstitions through Peachy’s artistic lens at the BACC, 5th floor, from May 7th to 19th.
  • Participate in Selina’s transformative Neurodivergence talk and workshop at Art4C on May 25th. Mental health care kits will also be distributed to participating schools on this day.
  • Pu’s exhibition, featuring original animation and illustrations raising awareness on mental health, will be on display at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), 5th floor, from May 28th to June 2nd.

Stay tuned for the RSVP information coming soon. Make sure you don't miss this extraordinary showcase of exceptional talent and insightful knowledge!

AP Final Exam Dates

  • AP Comp Sci (8 May, 12:00pm)
  • AP Precalculus with Heidi (13 May, 12:00pm)
  • AP Bio with J (16 May, 12:00pm)
  • AP Physics with Matt (17 May, 8:00am)
  • AP 2D Art & Design -Portfolio Submission (2-3 May)

By Jarret Voytilla