Upper Loop Updates - Quick Updates on Specialty Labs & Learning Labs

Upper Loop Updates - Quick Updates on Specialty Labs & Learning Labs

By Jarret Voytilla / September 15, 2023 / Upper Loop Updates, Learning Designers

We have a few exciting updates to share with the community this week from our amazing team of Learning Designers.

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Quick Updates on Specialty Labs!

AP 2D Art & Design

  • Over the past few weeks in AP Arts, our dedicated learners have engaged in enriching workshops that have allowed them to explore a diverse range of artistic mediums while deepening their understanding of the fundamental elements of art.
  • Throughout this period, they have been introduced to a captivating array of techniques, including subtractive charcoal drawing, expressive impasto painting, intricate linocut printmaking, the art of ideation, and the fascinating world of mixed media explorations.

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uniVERSOlly Well

  • In U-Well we continued our deep dive into identity as we learned ways to understand why and how we are and our place within the systems in which we coexist.
  • We took a career interest test to better understand what jobs we might be better suited for, and explored career paths using O-Net Online resources.
  • We discovered the career path of one of our role models to see the various ways people come into their careers.

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Learning Labs

Fab Lab

  • In FabLab, our learners have been actively engaged in crafting their unique fabric designs, serving as creative expressions of their chosen cultures and personal values.

  • Recently, they participated in an engaging workshop focusing on mark-making and pattern creation, employing linocut and ink techniques.

  • They also ventured into the world of textile transformation, experimenting with various fabric dyeing and bleaching methods, and gaining a deeper insight into the production process.

  • Importantly, they also honed their skills in assessing risks and mitigating hazards during these experiments, promoting a safe and responsible approach to their creative endeavors.

  • To supplement their compositional skills, the students also had the opportunity to explore tessellation during one of our workshops, further enriching their artistic toolbox.

  • Our students immersed themselves in the world of expressive abstract art, acquiring the ability to communicate complex emotions and sentiments through non-representational imagery, a valuable skill that transcends the need for literal figures and subjects.

  • As we conclude this productive week, our learners are not only applying their newfound artistic skills but also enhancing their writing abilities.

  • They are formulating compelling questions, crafting well-structured claims, supporting them with evidence, and providing sound reasoning to guide their creative journey.

  • This multidisciplinary approach ensures a holistic development of their technical and critical thinking skills; and a strong sense of responsibility when conducting creative experiments.

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By Jarret Voytilla