Upper Loop Updates - The Latest Buzz!

Upper Loop Updates - The Latest Buzz!

By Jarret Voytilla / November 17, 2023 / Upper Loop Updates, Learning Designers
This week FtF went Beyond the Walls to visit Bangkok’s largest vertical farm to learn about the processes, technology, and environmental benefits of high tech indoor farming.

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Learning Labs 

Feed the Future

  • This week FtF went Beyond the Walls to visit Bangkok’s largest vertical farm to learn about the processes, technology, and environmental benefits of high tech indoor farming.

  • This BTW allowed learners to see the scale, technology, and reality of commercial indoor farms. Our own efforts to grow food hydroponically have taught learners about the variables and how taking full control of the growing environment is vital for substantial crop yields.

  • Learners will now begin to form their response and answer to the challenge of food security, agritech, and feeding the future populations. 

              BTW DiStar 2   

Genetic Algorithms

  • In our Genetic Algorithms Lab, we've been actively engaged in tackling the Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP) from multiple angles. First, after learning about the famous computer science problem, we set up a physical simulation in the arena.


  • This hands-on experience has enabled learners to deeply understand the complexities and nuances of the TSP. We then explored multiple ways to find solutions to this problem in code.

  • Building on this foundational work, each learner is now venturing into a new phase where they're tasked with identifying a unique problem to solve.

  • They are currently in the process of outlining the steps necessary for coding and simulating their chosen problems. This preparatory work is crucial as it serves as a basis for their upcoming consultations with a coding engineer, aimed at collaboratively determining effective solutions to their individual challenges.


In Q2, learners will focus on exploring and answering “How can I effectively communicate arguments and design a data collection process to answer my research question?”. They will dive into debates and hone their skills in writing argumentative essays and research papers. Additionally, they'll begin formulating an action plan in preparation for Phase 2 of their VERTEX project in the subsequent semester.

Math Lab

  • In Geometry, learners are beginning their study on similarity. They are starting with basic polygons and different triangles. This will lead into right triangles and trigonometry!

  • In Algebra 1, learners are beginning their study on the features of functions. They are given a variety of different graphs to consider, like continuous graphs with endpoints, as well as discontinuous graphs, to become fluent in identifying key features of functions. Learners’ understanding of a function deepens as they come to realize that a relationship can be a function without having a predictable rate of change.

  • In Algebra 2, we’ve been  learning about modeling periodic behavior using the trigonometric functions of sine and cosine.

AP 2D Art & Design

  • Learners have completed their initial artwork in the Sustained Investigation program. Last Monday, they showcased their creative journey and techniques during a class session dedicated to critiques and feedback.

  • The upcoming two-week cycle, commencing next Monday, will focus on developing their next piece. This new project aims to build upon their first artwork, encouraging further exploration and growth in their artistic skills and ideas.

  • The picture below shows Thalassophobia by NY, Acrylic on Canvas (left), and Torao Matsuchi (Original Character Design) by Pu, (right) using Digital Illustration. 

Screenshot 2566-11-15 at 9.07.35 AM

Screenshot 2566-11-15 at 9.08.12 AM

Power Hour 

  • Learners are continuing their week of volleyball and developing their setting and bumping skills. They have slowly improved with passing and have now begun properly playing with a net in between.
  • The next step is to maintain a volley and when appropriate introduce one of the more difficult skills of volleyball, serving. Once all skills have been introduced small games will be played. 

UniVERSOlly Well

  • Last week we had our showcase day for projects. Small groups created either a podcast or video related to our unit on healthy relationships and sex education. We hope to be able to show parts of these at an upcoming parents' event.
  • The learners informed and entertained the class telling us how to teach Asian parents and how to look out for coercive control in our friendships and romantic partners. We are now beginning our next unit on drugs and addiction. 

Life Skills

  • In response to learners' requests, this week we had the first of three practical classes in self defense. Taekwondo expert Nikon came to the VERSO campus to share his experience and knowledge on how to avoid situations and respond to physical threats.

  • Grade 12 also continued their journey of cooking for Uni students. This week's challenge was the One Pot Rice Cooker meal. While it was not a complete success, the food was cooked, edible, and many lessons were learned!

Cooking the meal



Community Time

Push the Limits Learning Lab has invited Khun Worapa to teach waltz and cha cha to the whole UL during Community Time. Check out the photos below!



Mahidol visit


By Jarret Voytilla