Upper Loop Updates - Upcoming Career & University Guidance Event

Upper Loop Updates - Upcoming Career & University Guidance Event

By Jarret Voytilla / September 29, 2023 / Upper Loop Updates, Learning Designers
You are invited to join our Career and University Guidance Counselor Greg Mason on Wednesday, 4 October, 8:00am - 9:00am, at the uniVERSOtea morning on Holistic Admissions and Testing.

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Upcoming Career & University Guidance Event

  • You are invited to join our Career and University Guidance Counselor Greg Mason on Wednesday, 4 October, 8:00am - 9:00am, at the uniVERSOtea morning on Holistic Admissions and Testing.
  • Learn about all the ways a university makes admissions decisions in 2023.
  • Greg will share how holistic admissions works and how students can make the most of their time in high school to be prepared for their applications.
  • During 10:00am - 10:40am, he will conduct a Common Application walkthrough on Zoom.
  • To join, click on :

               Meeting ID: 330 008 1566 Passcode: verso

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Quick Updates on Specialty Labs!

Math Lab

  • Algebra 1 has concluded its first unit on arithmetic and geometric sequences.

  • They are now building on their understanding and learning about domain, discrete functions, and continuous functions.


  • In Algebra 2 we’ve wrapped up the study of logarithms for now and moved on to polynomials.

  • We are exploring the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra and why we need imaginary and complex numbers.

  • In Geometry, we’re working on expressing mathematical ideas symbolically in order to write concise proofs.

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G9 Integrated Science

  • Learners have been studying chemical reactions both theoretically and experimentally.
  • They’ve balanced equations, calculated molar mass, identified chemical ratios and finally got into the lab and designed their own experiments speeding up the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide using catalysts.

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AP Computer Science A

  • Our computer science learners are nearing the end of Unit 3: Boolean Expressions and'if' Statements.
  • They are putting these skills into practice by creating text-based choose your own adventure games in java.

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AP 2D Art & Design

  • Learners in the AP 2D Art & Design course are currently immersed in the Mini-Sustained Investigation, a stage honing their abilities in both investigative and creative processes, which are fundamental to their upcoming Sustained Investigation.

  • Each student has chosen a subject close to them.
  • They have employed brainstorming techniques and mind mapping to refine their visions and set clear directions.

  • The culmination of their efforts will be showcased next week when they present their ideas, processes, and final outputs.
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  • Last week we had our first university visit, Savannah College of Art and Design came to visit our artists in the high school.
  • We had a virtual visit from Alberta University of the Arts shortly after.
  • The university counselor is leveraging their contacts to bring a variety of universities to Verso, and parents are always welcome to join.
  • Our next scheduled visit is on October 6th, when the University of British Columbia will come to the Upper Loop at 11:00am.
  • On the 10th of October we will have a visit from Berklee College of Music.

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Research Lab

VERSO verdict: Mock Trial Challenge

  • Grade 9 have completed their mock trial, with learners taking on various roles such as expert witnesses, plaintiffs, defendants, and lead lawyers.
  • Grade 11 students served as the jury, delivering a final "not guilty" verdict after careful consideration of all evidence and arguments.
  • Now learners will transition from their courtroom roles to write argumentative essays on the case of "Murray V. Belvita," focusing on belVita breakfast biscuits' labeling as "nutritious" despite high sugar levels.
  • This exercise will test their analytical and persuasive writing skills while encouraging critical thinking as they draw their own verdicts on the case.
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  • Our Grade 10 learners are actively brainstorming ways to share their insightful discoveries about the future of reading with a broader audience.
  • After completing their well-researched essays, each student has thoroughly assessed the credibility of their sources, ensuring responsible content to disseminate.
  • They are now eager to convey their message to their selected audience.
  • To assist them in this endeavor, they are learning how to effectively utilize AI tools like Chat GPT without falling into the trap of plagiarism.
  • We recently had the privilege of hosting Guest Speaker Khun Rolly, our Director of Technology and Data Protection Officer, who shared his expertise on using AI technologies.

Learning Labs 

1. Fab Lab

  • As we approach the conclusion of our project, the learners are in the process of refining their original fabric designs and actively applying the techniques they acquired during our experimentation phase.

  • Additionally, they have had the valuable opportunity to engage in one-on-one consultations with specialist K. Kamonn.

  • Their digital design iterations are soon to be sent to PremiumPops for professional printing, and these captivating creations will serve as integral components of our culminating exhibition at Connect, scheduled to run from October 11 to November 24.

  • Invitations will be shared with you soon. 

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2. F.E.A.R. (Functional Emotional Animated Robotics)

  • Continuing to work on their individual designs, learners are making steady progress as they wrap up another week.
  • As they approach the end of the build and project, their considerations will be moving from physical structures, mechanisms, and assemblies to coding the motion they intend to display to showcase the emotions of their figures.

  • Builds will be completed in the upcoming week with final project documentation provided.
  • A showcase of work will align with Halloween, so we hope that everyone can see their designs.

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G9 Mini Lab

  • This week the Mini Lab continues to focus on voice, agency and confidence, by giving spoken presentations and exploring how masks are used to provide character.  
  • Learners have been looking into the use of masks in different regions and cultures around the world.
  • In groups they researched their assigned location and then presented a Pecha Kucha (20 slides 20 seconds long for a total of 6:40 sec).
  • To complete the week, learners are making masks in any style and from any inspiration they want.  
  • These masks will be used as part of a spoken word performance.

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Learner Clubs! [new section]

VERSO’s Environmental Club


  • What are your recycling habits like? What do you find hard about recycling?
  • This is information that VERSO’s Environmental Club would like to know about in order to help make recycling on campus as easy and simple as possible!
  • In order for us to personalize content towards your needs and current challenges, we’re sending out a survey for ALL LEARNERS to fill in. (Names are only compulsory in the form so we can follow up with those who have yet to fill out the survey by the 9th of October)

Here’s the link!

  • We are almost finished with setting up our recycling bins!
  • Please feel free to start recycling your plastic and paper waste in the allocated bins shown here, to the right from the main Foyer UL entrance.
  • The location of the bins will probably change once we are done with the final signage for the middle bin and we will notify you where it will be.

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VERSO Business Club

  • On Saturday, September 23rd, VERSO Business Club actively took part in the Japanese Association Charity Bazaar.
  • Operating a booth where we sold homemade boba milk tea and brownies, we raised funds for the FCD organization in Thailand.
  • Furthermore, we extended the sale of brownies during the homecoming event.
  • Thank you to everyone who participated in this initiative:)

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  • VERSO Business Club has effectively contributed the funds collected from last year's Q4 Touchdown event by purchasing cat food for donation to a local animal shelter.
  • Thank you to all who supported the club's initiative.
  • Stay tuned for more upcoming events from the business club!

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VERSO+ Activism Club

  • VERSO+ Activism Club is excited to share with the community our first blog post on the VERSO website!
  • For those who are not familiar with what fundraisers, workshops, and other events that the club has done previously, we highly recommend you read this blog! Read more about it here!
  • VERSO+ Activism Club will be facilitating community time (08:00-09:00) on the 11th of October to celebrate World Mental Health Day (10th October) as a loop.
  • We have partnered with the Student Success Team to ensure a good balance between discussing mental health issues and care.
  • If you have any ideas about potential mental-health related activities, please feel free to approach and contact Ms Sapphira, Mr Greg, Ms Yi Lin, or Selina.

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By Jarret Voytilla