Upper Loop Updates: VERTEX Presentations and Project Updates

Upper Loop Updates: VERTEX Presentations and Project Updates

By Jarret Voytilla / May 10, 2024 / Upper Loop Updates, Learning Designers
This week kicks off our first VERTEX showcase with Peachy’s artwork series “Solace” presented in the joint exhibition “After All, I Am Human” hosted at Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC).  The exhibition is showing from May 7 - 19 with a ‘Meet the Artist’ opportunity Saturday May 11, 2:00-3:00 PM at BACC, 5th Floor. Please come by and show your support! 

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Dear Upper Loop Families and Learners,

We have a few updates to share with the community this week from our amazing team of Learning Designers.


Family ConVERSOs

  • Please contact your child’s Advisor if you have any questions or concerns about the Quarter 3 VERSO 360 report, behavior, performance in Q4, or anything else that you would like to discuss!
  • Your Advisor will help to organize any parent-LD meetings that you wish to have, including meeting with the university counselor, Greg Mason.
  • Please email now to make your conVERSO booking! 

Family Vacations

  • Family vacations are great and help learners strengthen their family connections and decompress from academics.
  • We are noticing that often some of these vacations are during school time.
  • From a holistic perspective, we would like to advise against planning family vacations [classified as unexcused absences according to our Family Handbook] during the school program.
  • Specialty Labs such as Math, Research, and AP classes are challenging to get caught up in, especially when multiple days are missed in a row.
  • Learning Labs are even more difficult to catch up in because they are 9-week projects that are designed as a sequence of phases that build upon each other.
  • When a learner misses out on significant amounts of project time, especially with short notice, their learning progression becomes disrupted and sometimes even derailed.
  • This has a negative impact on learning and, therefore by extension, grades.
  • If a family vacation is unavoidable, please make contact with your learner’s Advisor as soon as possible so that we can help the learner design a strategy to minimize the impact of the loss of class time.


VERTEX (with Gideon & Thomas)

  • This week kicks off our first VERTEX showcase with Peachy’s artwork series “Solace” presented in the joint exhibition “After All, I Am Human” hosted at Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC). 
  • The exhibition is showing from May 7 - 19 with a ‘Meet the Artist’ opportunity on Saturday, May 11, 2:00-3:00 PM at BACC, 5th Floor. Please come by and show your support! 
  • Learners continue to work on the final touches of their projects as they get ready to share their work.
  • Coming up is fundraising and awareness at the Thai Dive Expo by Prim, additional exhibitions from Kyoka, Moe Moe, and Pu, a workshop on neurodiversity by Selina, and concluding the presentations, Pan Pan with a mini-concert of self-produced music.

Peachy vertex

VERTEX exhibition-1

The remaining learners' upcoming presentations, workshops, and events can be seen below, in the order of dates.

  • Prim - Thai Dive Expo at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center on May 16-19
  • Kyoka - “I Hope You Hear Me” exhibition at Palette Art Space Thonglor from May 28 -June 9
  • Selina - ”Diverse Minds” neurodivergence talk and workshop at Art4C on May 25th
  • Moe Moe - "INTERCONNECT: Modular Fashion for a Sustainable Style" exhibition at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), 5th floor, from May 28-June 2.
  • Pu - “Tiger’s Waltz: A Cold Dance With Death” exhibition at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), 5th floor, from May 28-June.
  • Pan Pan - “Blue Mirror” mini-concert at the Goethe-Institut on May 29th!

Stay tuned for the RSVP information coming soon., Make sure you don't miss this extraordinary showcase of exceptional talent and insightful knowledge! 

Special Announcement by G12 learner Prim

  • The Neptune's Cup sponges are critically endangered and need your help in conservation! 
  • As part of their senior design thesis, called VERTEX, Prim is working with Thai Ocean Academy, collecting GPS coordinates of each sponge, attaining growth measurements, and collecting ecological data that will support the sponges' conservation.
  • However, this vital data comes with costs for the manpower and boat. 
  • If you believe in repopulating a rare species whose highest population density is right here in our home of Thailand like we do, then please consider sponsoring a sponge by clicking here. 
  • You'll get to earn e-certificates personalized with your name and chosen sponge, sponge sticker sheets, keychains, and holographic sticker sheets depending on the amount you donate!


Learning Lab

Storytelling: Power & Perspectives

(with Yi Lin, Heidi, & Michael)

Driving Question

Why do stories matter - how and why do we tell these stories?

Overview of Project

  • Learners in this lab are learning how to interview people to hear their stories and determine how to best convey their stories to others.
  • They will also learn to program to build their own website so they develop an understanding of the back end of the internet that most people don’t see.
  • The final product will be a student built website that holds stories of Thana City through photos, videos, articles, and headlines

Credits Offered: Computer Science and Journalism

What Makes this Lab Future-Ready?

  • We study both the old and the new.
  • In what ways has the core of storytelling remained the same throughout the ages in a way that engages humans that will remain the same in the future?
  • In what ways has the way we tell stories changed with advances in technology and how can we adapt our storytelling to make use of these technologies?

Project Updates

  • Learners have finished their first draft of a story, told in the very concise form of an image that can fit on a greeting card.
  • They practiced deep listening as they interviewed younger learners, visitors to VERSO, and one another.
  • They analyzed the interview for the attributes of a story: the character, message, conflict or challenge or goal, context or setting, and change and to consider how to communicate that in a condensed format. 
  • We are just beginning a study of Thana City. Learners will determine a story worth telling about the area, interview community members who may have divergent perspectives about the story, and determine how to communicate their story with others. 
  • In addition to creating stories, learners are developing their own web pages from the ground up rather than building them on a website builder.
  • This challenge requires an understanding of programming languages and databases, so kids have been busy learning the syntax of HTML and CSS in an effort to put their stories online.
  • On their way to full understanding, they will be making their own Mad Libs that you will be able to play on your own computer soon!

Learning Lab

Ice Cream Dreams (with Matt & Chrissy)

Driving Question

How can we leverage the principles of chemistry to craft unique and delicious flavors in our own ice cream businesses, while also mastering the essential entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed in the competitive dessert market?

Overview of Project

  • Learner’s embark on a flavorful journey merging ice cream chemistry and entrepreneurship.
  • They begin by understanding the chemistry behind ice cream, exploring ingredients and their roles in texture and flavor, while also analyzing customer preferences.
  • Delving into flavor prototyping, learners experiment with unique flavor combinations, learning about natural and artificial flavoring agents.
  • Moving onto business planning, they craft comprehensive plans covering pricing, supply chain, and revenue projections.
  • During the marketing phase, learners develop strategies to promote their products effectively, honing branding and customer engagement skills.
  • Finally, in sales week, they put their plans into action, setting up pop-up stands and analyzing sales data to inform future decisions, highlighting the integration of chemistry and entrepreneurial skills throughout the project.

Credits offered: Chemistry and Entrepreneurialism 

What makes this Lab Future-Ready?

  • Learners develop a range of entrepreneurial skills by engaging in a real life venture.

Project Updates

  • Our recent BTW trip took learners behind the scenes of an ice cream factory, illuminating every step of the production process. From ingredient selection to packaging, participants gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of ice cream making.
  • Quality control and food safety standards took center stage as learners dressed from head to toe in protective clothing, highlighting the paramount importance of maintaining excellence in manufacturing.
  • Interacting with industry experts, attendees delved into flavor development, market trends, and savvy business strategies, igniting sparks of creativity.
  • The journey didn't stop at production. Participants explored the nuances of branding, market positioning, and sustainability practices, laying a solid foundation for their own ice cream ventures.
  • In essence, this trip was a springboard for aspiring entrepreneurs, equipping them with the confidence and competence to dive into the sweet world of ice cream with gusto!




uniVERSOlly Well (with Greg)

  • In UWELL this quarter we are investing time in ourselves through productivity and self-management. We are following a Coursera course called Work Smarter Not Harder” and utilizing the time planning resources from there.
  • We have investigated online planning and organization software like Notion.
  • As AP exams are now ongoing, and our Learning Labs have business planning components, it is a perfect time for students to practice organization and prioritization of their workload to maximize their potential.

AP Final Exam Dates

  • AP Precalculus with Heidi (13 May, 12:00pm)
  • AP Bio with J (16 May, 12:00pm)
  • AP Physics with Matt (17 May, 8:00 am)

By Jarret Voytilla