Upper Loop Updates - a few exciting updates to share with the community

Upper Loop Updates - a few exciting updates to share with the community

By Jarret Voytilla / September 09, 2022 / Upper Loop Updates, Learning Designers
We have a few exciting updates to share with the community from our amazing team of Learning Designers.

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We have a few exciting updates to share with the community from our amazing team of Learning Designers.

update on Learning Lab: Biomimicry from Michael, Chrissy, & Joseph

  • Week 2 of our Biomimicry lab was centered around investigating problems in our communities.
  • This culminated in a trip to the Ford Resource and Engagement Center located in Bangkok’s historic Nang Loeng neighborhood where we met with stewards such as the Urban Studies Lab, Love Wildlife Foundation, Scholars of Sustenance, and Precious Plastic Bangkok.
  • We not only gained insight into specific problems the community faces but we learned methods that researchers use to explore issues more deeply in order to develop meaningful solutions alongside the people who would be impacted.


  • During Weeks 3 & 4 we transitioned to exploring organisms and ecosystems in the hope that we can start to match strategies in nature to solutions to the problems we are investigating.
  • We went Beyond the Walls to Suan Luang Rama IX to visit the botanical gardens to directly observe diverse plant life to inspire our future biomimetic designs and innovations.



  • We also explored the topic of phyllotaxis via computer programming to learn how nature has inspired innovation in the field of computer science.
  • We then dove into a case study of how to design and run simulations to learn more about an aspect of nature we are curious about.



update on Learning Lab: Genetic Engineering from Matt, Yi Lin, & Gideon

  • Our learners started off Week 2 by learning about concepts of biological inheritance.
  • Learners have demonstrated how probability played a role in inheriting dominant and recessive traits by making clay models of first generation creatures and breeding second generation creatures.
  • To answer the driving question, “How can dice games model probability of inheriting dominant and recessive alleles?” our learners visited a board game cafe at Chulalongkorn University and tested out various games that involve probability and also learned about different board styles and mechanisms.
  • Using this knowledge learners began to design board game prototypes and share their new games during Week 3.
    Check out our learners in action in Week 2 and Week 3 on Youtube!!


  • Our guest speaker in Week 4,

 Khun Pongsathorn Chotikasemsri,founder of Welala, shared his knowledge about biomedical engineering and current ethical issues in the biotechnology field.

  • Using this information and their own research, learners began writing their own persuasive essays on the ethical issues around genetic sequencing.

  • For example,
What are the implications of using genetic sequencing to personalize medicine?
What are the implications of using DNA to identify and aid adolescents with learning disabilities in a school environment?”

  • While writing this piece, they will also use multiple sources with different viewpoints and opinions on this subject to construct a balanced argument.
  • Their goal is to improve their research capabilities and write effectively


update on Math Lab from Heidi & Joe

  • Learners have completed their first unit on Data Science.
  • Drawing inspiration from two data scientists who compiled their own Dear Data postcard project into an upcoming book, students created unique representations about aspects of their own lives.
  • They also created mini business reports for a real-life young entrepreneur, Mikala of Me and the Bees, using technology and data to analyze factors that influence her business and to make recommendations for how she might improve.


update on Power Hour from Coach Joe

  • As learners wrapped up August with team tournaments of Ultimate Frisbee, September has learners exploring Basketball.
  • Basketball is a great way to continue the skills of team communication explored last month.
  • In addition, it exposes learners to the complexities of hand-eye coordination through aspects of shooting, dribbling, and other basketball specific techniques.
  • Learners will spend 3 weeks on basketball, beginning with a focus on passing, followed by shooting and then dribbling.
  • Each week’s session will finish with a mini-basketball game variation that emphasize each technique.


Important Reminder: UL Parent Coffee Morning (14th Sept) from Bua & the Student Success Team [SST]

We are excited to host our very first parent coffee morning next week: Wednesday 14th Sept, 8 -9 am. 

  • We would like to take this opportunity to provide a demo of how to use Unifrog - which is the platform that we use to help our learners explore careers and university pathways

  • During this meeting, you will get the chance to sign up to your own Unifrog account, so you can begin to explore the platform and learn more about different countries regarding work and tertiary education, and the logistics of the university application process. 

  • This is also a great opportunity for us to get together, share and learn from each other, and discuss and set up a parent support group (if this is something that we are interested in doing). 

Things to bring: 

  • iPad /Tablet/ laptop /notebook - some kind of device so that you can sign up and explore Unifrog (it's difficult to do this on your phone
  • Hunger - there are going to be a lot of snacks and coffee! 

What is provided:

  • Coffee and tea and a lot of snacks! 
  • iPads for tech support if needed 

Please see below the itinerary for the meeting.

8.00 - 8:10          Arrival + SST intro

8:10 - 8:20          Intro to Unifrog and sign in

8:20 - 8:40          Explore Unifrog based on interest 

8:40 - 8:50          Presentation to the group 

8:50 - 8:55          Discuss parent support group channel

8:55 - 9:00          Closing 

Opportunity to stay and network after. 

We look forward to seeing everyone next week! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Have a wonderful week, 



Thank you 🙏

  • After the Wai Kru event on Thursday 1st September, the UL LDs gathered all the offerings they received from the learners.
  • This collection was a wonderful representation of the appreciation of the effort and care that the team brings every day to the Upper Loopers.

That’s what’s up in the Upper Loop! 

Thanks for reading.

By Jarret Voytilla