VERSO Appoints Curriculum Designer

VERSO Appoints Curriculum Designer

By VERSO Communications Team / June 10, 2022 / Learning Designers

Suzanne Kitto, Cohort Leader from the Upper Loop, has been appointed as VERSO's Curriculum Designer across all the three Loops: Lower Loop (EY2-G4), Middle Loop (G508) and Upper Loop (G9-12), leading the development and alignment of our curriculum from Early Years through to Grade 12.

Suzanne has played a hugely significant role over the past 3 years as we conceptualized, engineered, and designed the learning architecture that VERSO's innovative curriculum rests on.

Suzanne and her fellow Cohort Leader, Thomas Tran, have done some amazing design work for the curriculum and together have helped us see how this very complex system can evolve and develop in ways that align with our beliefs about learning at VERSO.