VERSO Masterclass series with MindKraft Language Brain Builder Programme  (27 March 2021 -  19 June 2021)

    Imagine being able to wire your brain to be 'GIFTED' at learning languages. MindKraft Language Brain Builder 1 will do just this - and at the same time give you a foundation in Chinese, Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, Indonesian and even Sign Language and Morse Code, along with very cool data skills, thinking skills, pattern matching, thought fluency and more.
    Developed by linguist Stuart Jay Raj, two programs are available: For 8-12 years and 12 years-adults to VERSO family and friends.

    Visit for full breakdown of the program and registration details. 

    Click here to hear what Stuart has to say about how children learn languages.

    Please see schedule below:
    Session 1: 9:00am - 10:30am (8-12 years old;  20 students max)
    Session 2: 11:00am - 12:30pm (12+ years old; 20 students max)
    Course Fees: THB 32,000 for VERSO students and THB 35,000 for parents and external participants.


    Session # Session Outline
    Saturday March 27 1 Escaping our Own Brain
    Saturday April 3 2 The First Words of Any Language
    Saturday 10 April 3 Total Recall
    Saturday April 24 4 Chinese Whispers
    Saturday May 8 5 Playing with Brain States
    Saturday May 15 6 The Shapes of Thai
    Saturday May 22 7 Bahasa - An Introduction to Indonesian and Malay
    Saturday May 29 Data driven Language Learning
    Saturday June 5 9 Dialects and Languages
    Saturday June 12 10 Xin Chao Vietnam
    Saturday June 19 11 Final Presentations - Celebrating Success



    VERSO Communications Team

    Written by VERSO Communications Team