ML Muster: 6-Day Schedule | HeadRush

ML Muster: 6-Day Schedule | HeadRush

By Chad Walsh / December 07, 2022 / Middle Loop Muster

Thank you for joining us last Friday for your child's 3 Way ConVERSO. These opportunities are valuable to connect with you and share what's going on at VERSO. If you feel that you have follow-up questions or would like to learn more about something, please email your child's community time learning designer or the learning designer that teaches a particular lesson. As parents, you can arrange a meeting face-to-face or online at any time.

Creativity | Communication | Confidence

To promote creativity, communication, and confidence we had Neil Farrelly lead Performing Arts workshops with the ML students today. The purpose of this was to generate different ways to express ourselves - presenting, acting, and writing. Our students were engaged and energized to work together and problem solve ideas. Please click here to see more of Neil's work and the experiences he does with other schools in the region. We hope to build momentum on Neil's work when our new ML schedule takes effect in January.

Parent Coffee | Learning Lab & Math Lab

We hope that you can attend the parent coffee in the Middle Loop foyer on Wednesday, 30 November at 8:00am. Ashley and some of our students will be leading this with an overview of how Learning Lab and Math Lab work.

Personalized Book Choice

Over the coming weeks, the LD team will be working with students to select high-interest books to read. We will be ordering through Kinokuniya bookstore. This is going to be an authentic process where we can discuss 'right fit' books to add to our resource center. Each student will have a nominated amount to spend as we place a bulk order. You can also help us by having conversations with your child at home about the type of books they like to read and what books they would like to add to their wish list. Happy reading!

Thank you for your continued support as we work and learn together. Please reach out to us at any time if you have any questions or require further support. We are with you every step of the way.

Best wishes,

Chad and the ML Team